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Reza Rahman11/28/14
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Tools for MVC in Java EE 8

Last week at Devoxx, Manfred Riem (MVC 1.0 Co-Specification Lead) did a session on MVC 1.0 (JSR 371) to a packed room. During the session, Geertjan Wielenga (Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Developer Tools) did a cameo appearance to discuss the tooling in the context of MVC.

Mike Bushong11/27/14
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The Victims of Networking's UX

In networking, this means that our current normal has been forged through diligent neglect of actual user experience for decades. It’s not so much purposeful behavior by the incumbent networking players so much as placing focus elsewhere.

John Walter11/26/14
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The Best of DZone: Nov. 18 - Nov. 25

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include a look at the Java 9 features, the most important skill for software architects, why automation matters, and why iOS developers should still know Objective-C.

Jim Bird11/26/14
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Different Ways of Scaling Agile

The major advantage of Agile at scale isn't the ability to react to continuous changes or even to deliver faster or cheaper. It's knowing sooner whether you should keep going, or if you need to keep going, or if you should stop and do something else instead.

Gen Furukawa11/26/14
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How (And Why) Make Read-only Versions of Your SQL and MySQL Databases

Of course, there are as many reasons to set a database to read-only -- temporarily or permanently -- as there are databases. Here's a rundown on the ways to lock the content of a SQL or MySQL database while allowing users to access its contents.

Johanna Rothman11/26/14
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Three Alternatives for Making Smaller Stories

You want to deliver value in your projects. Short stories allow you to do this. Long stories stop your momentum. The longer your project, and the more teams (if you work on a program), the more you need to keep your stories short. Try these alternatives.

Rob J Hyndman11/26/14
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Visualization of probabilistic forecasts

Of course, for time series fore­casts I nor­mally show pre­dic­tion inter­vals. I pre­fer to use more than one inter­val at a time because it helps con­vey a lit­tle more infor­ma­tion. The default in the fore­cast pack­age for R is to show both an 80% and a 95% inter­val like this:

Paul Hammant11/26/14
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Strong Argumentative Positions

I have long thought that in debates with colleagues (or clients) over a topic/decision that you disagree on, you should go in with your strongest argument(s) only. If you assemble a list different and weaker reasons why you’re right, and the person in disagreement has any authority over you or guile, they will focus on your weakest arguments until the whole debate times out, or you lose energy to continue.

Ana-maria Mihalceanu11/26/14
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4 Hands-On Approaches to Improve Your Data Access Layer Implementation

This article explains when MyBatis implementation is recommended and when caching over it using 3rd party software becomes a necessity; also it prepares (through code) readers for the sequal of 4 articles about each of the approaches.

Alec Noller11/26/14
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Mobile & IoT Devs: Take This Survey and Win Prizes

What's going on in mobile and IoT development? VisionMobile has a pretty good idea - they've got a research report on the topic coming in February - but they can't know what developers are thinking unless developers tell them. So, they're running a survey!

Gil Zilberfeld11/25/14
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How To Make The Best Decisions

We can get better at it, by making more of them. Learning from mistakes and successes. We can also learn from observing how decisions are made in our different circles, and try to learn how to push a decision through or derail one.

Mike Cottmeyer11/25/14
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The Napoleon Corporal

In my previous post, Replacing Backlog Grooming, I wrote about leveraging a Product Owner (PO) Team instead of the “Scrum” team in Progression Workshops (backlog grooming). It doesn’t matter if you’re doing textbook Scrum or something at scale. Your people still need a shared understanding. If not, you’re going to start seeing a lot of delays and a lot of rework.

Paul Reed11/25/14
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Managing the Magic of Microservces

For episode 52, the panel sits down to talk a bit about microservices: what they are, the benefits they provide, the costs, the issues around releasing, deploying, and operating microservices-based applications, in an attempt to figure out whether they’re the future or a fad.

Mitch Pronschinske11/24/14
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Integration Architecture: How We Got Here

The core messaging paradigm of modern integration is here to stay as we enter a new era of connected devices through the Internet of Things. ESBs are still a great solution for many tech firms given the variety of options, from lightweight to large legacy-integration scale.

Maneesh Joshi11/24/14
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Top 5 Mobile APM Myths: Myths 3-5

Typically, mobile app developers accept some things they feel they can’t change — ratings, end-to-end visibility, user experience, and so on. However, these can all be avoided and under your control with the right mAPM solution to give you the proper insights to give your users a seamless experience.