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UrbanDeploy GA Release: Deployment Automation

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Cleveland, OH

Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops Teams: UrbanCode Releases UrbanDeploy for General Availability

While the debate still rages on about "What is DevOps," UrbanCode has risen above the clamor and announced the General Availability of UrbanDeploy: their Application Release Automation software. Part of their new DevOps Platform, UrbanDeploy provides a single application release automation solution that both Application Development and Operations teams can use. With support for full and incremental deployments, automated rollbacks, built-in integrations with middleware platforms, as well as integrated inventory and calendar services, UrbanDeploy is the first tool to meet the deployment needs of both the development and operations teams.

For more details about the General Availability of UrbanDeploy view the press release or learn more about UrbanDeploy at here.
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