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10 Questions About SDN Answered

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Maybe you still have some questions about software-defined networking, or perhaps you haven't been properly introduced to the topic.  In either case, "10 key questions about software-defined networking (SDN)" is a recent piece that is worth checking out.

I was particularly intrigued by how the author defined SDN as "an open-source product and as such is open and vendor-neutral software."

In today's networks, proprietary firmware on the switch determines where packets of data are forwarded. In an SDN, network administrators can actually shape network traffic...

This allows organizations to decrease their reliance on more expensive switches with proprietary firmware that performs these functions — and that must be set manually.

-- Mary Shacklett

In most articles about SDN you'll find references to OpenFlow, the open protocol for network switch-configuration APIs, but I've never heard of SDN itself being labeled 'open source.'  Does the label seem appropriate?