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6 Command Line Tools for Linux Performance Monitoring

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So you need to monitor a Linux system for performance metrics... CPU, Memory, Network, Disk, etc.

Here are 6 of my favorite command line tools for monitoring a Linux system from the command line.







this is a package of utilites including iostat, mpstat, sar, and others.

These tools are all available from package managers (apt-get, yum, etc) on most Linux systems. They are also available on most other *nix platforms.

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Jan Gaspar replied on Mon, 2012/04/23 - 7:00am

With all respect the quality of your post is really low. What about short comment for each tool - what it is for, why do you like it, basic usage, etc.

Jaffa Wify replied on Sat, 2012/05/12 - 6:04am

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Jaffa Wify replied on Fri, 2012/10/05 - 3:21am

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Jaffa Wify replied on Mon, 2012/10/08 - 6:47am

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Jaffa Wify replied on Mon, 2012/10/22 - 6:59am

The users can install packages from unofficial repositories, download pre-compiled packages directly from websites, or compile the source code by themselves. All these methods come with different degrees of difficulty, compiling the source code is in general considered a challenging process for new Linux users, but it is hardly needed in modern distributions and is not a method specific to Linux. Thanks a lot. Regards, green coffe

Krishna Hari replied on Mon, 2013/04/22 - 12:40pm

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Ravi Waters replied on Fri, 2013/04/26 - 10:35am

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