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AskDZ: What's Your Side Project?

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When you're at work coding something that isn't extraordinarily exciting to you, are you thinking about a personal project you'd rather be working on? Do you spend your days fantasizing about quitting your job and working for yourself (we hear that's always a great choice) on something you created yourself?

Maybe you're working on an epic sci-fi RPG that you've been building from the ground up for years, or a new category of database (even less SQL?) that's going to change everything, or, you know, a pretty cool plug-in for PhoneGap. It could be anything.

If you've been working on something you're excited about, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment and tell us about your side project: What is it, and how long have you been working on it, and why is it so exciting?


Achmudas Gelibili replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 1:15am


Currently I'm working on my game, based on Java, and it's called Killer Pong.

Rogerio Liesenfeld replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 6:10am

I have been working on a developer testing toolkit for Java programmers. Since 2006! What can I say, even after almost 8 years, I still enjoy working on it. It's the JMockit project.

Initially, I evaluated the mocking and code coverage tools that were available at the time (you know, EasyMock, jMock, EMMA, Cobertura, etc.). For my requirements, they were not cutting it: perfectly well designed code could not be mocked, or generating code coverage reports was cumbersome and the reports themselves left a lot to be desired. So that's what excited me to develop something new.

Today, the toolkit (including mocking APIs and a code coverage tool) has a decent number of users, and managed to solve most problems reasonably well. I still need to do a lot of work in the coverage tool, though.

Javyer Der Derian replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 9:56am

I maintain a small Android app called "iDolar", that follows *all* the different dollar prices in Argentina (we have about 5 prices, between official, parallel, black market, government black market, etc).

It has been featured in the biggest national newspaper here as "THE app to follow the dollar price" 

Allen Coin replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 10:30am in response to: Javyer Der Derian

 That's awesome! Is it for Android or iOS? :)

Javyer Der Derian replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 10:32am in response to: Allen Coin

Android; I have the iOs version on my to-do list, since it's based on phonegap and should be easy to migrate.

Allen Coin replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 11:03am in response to: Javyer Der Derian

 Cool, I'm downloading it right now.

Hafizan Aziz replied on Thu, 2013/10/31 - 11:01pm

 I build code generator  based on php and java. The  real application build based on this generator are financial application. Not yet publish or live but in progress development past 2 years. Still stuck on java part,not satisfied with output of code.

What the generator does

1. take the output of database table with foreign key relationship generate form,back end,front end javascript(jquery). ** include master and detail.

The reason kinda lazy to entertain customer wanted fast prototype application idea. So need the fast way to create application based on table structure.

josef betancourt replied on Fri, 2013/11/01 - 6:56am in response to: Rogerio Liesenfeld

 Thank you Rogerio!  JMockIt has been very useful.

Roslan Amir replied on Fri, 2013/11/01 - 6:58am

 I have been working on a 3D Java Game reminiscent of Master of Orion using Ardor3D game engine.

Tom Myers replied on Fri, 2013/11/01 - 2:40pm

 My side project is a digital jukebox application known as "JukeANator",   It was how I self-taught myself the Java language/libraries/platform back in 1999 when I jumped ship from Ford doing proprietary development with C/C++ on OS/2

  I am still evolving my software to this very day, I've sold close to 150 commercial copies world-wide and many dozens more for non-commercial use and I offer a free version to everyone.  It is available as a Java Webstart application on my website:

JukeANator Lite Webstart Version (free)

I cannot express to people how much stronger I am as a Java developer because of the thousands of hours that I have spent on my own software.  Not only that, but it has made me a stronger analyst and made me think about things from a higher perspective of supporting a business to make money...


Jochen Bedersdorfer replied on Sun, 2013/11/03 - 11:51pm

 Very occasionally I work on Resty .

A thin layer over HttpUrlConnection which makes it dead simple to consume REST services.

Not a general purpose HTTP client lib, but focused on making REST calls. I know of several other HTTP client libs, but this one is mine.

Here's a simple example:

Resty r = new Resty();
name = r.json("")
-> San Francisco

Thomas Krieger replied on Sun, 2013/11/10 - 7:36am

 My side project is called vmlens. It can find race conditions inside java. I am working on it for about two years. I learned pretty much about java bytecode and performance developing it.

Bernd Ebertz replied on Thu, 2013/11/14 - 3:51pm

 My side project is Snippetory . As I'm working on web applications with highly complex rendering, I'm really not happing with template engines. They mix logic and template. So I decided to write my own templating solution. I removed the scripting language and gained the full power of java for the data binding stuff. You can find a simple example of what I'm talking here .

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