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DevOps Guru Ben Rockwell Interview

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Matt Simmons, aka the Standalone Sysadmin, recently caught up with DevOps practicioner Ben Rockwell who writes at Cuddletech.

So what did Ben Rockwell cite as some philosophical tendencies behind DevOps?  Agile and Lean for starters.  Along with collaboration and continuous improvement (which makes me think "Lean Startup").

Infrastructure as Code is a major part of DevOps and a 'core belief' but using Chef or Puppet doesn't make you DevOps shop.  It's just a means to the ultimate end of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

So are we all going to end up implementing the practices of DevOps in the future?  Here's what Ben had to say:

DevOps is the future. “Better, faster, cheaper” doesn’t go out of style, and collaboration certainly doesn’t. But there is a lot in the past that’s brought us to this point and will continue to shape our future. DevOps is really known today for its shiny tools, but now thats giving way to the changes in governance they facilitate, so “old” things like ITIL, CobiT, and LEAN (which comes from the Toyota Production System, which came from the teachings of Deming and the Ford Production System, which are based on Shewhart and Taylor) are now converging around us.

Systems Administration is changing, a change that we’ve seen coming for a long time now. “One day we’ll all manage hundreds of nodes!”, “One day we’ll manage petabytes of storage!”, “One day you won’t even buy servers! You’ll just create them out of thin air!”… all that has come true. Welcome to the future! But the methods we’ve used to manage our environments really haven’t changed much in 10+ years. We have to mature and adapt as engineers and that transformation is occurring under the name “DevOps”.

--Ben Rockwood

Visit the url below to read the full interview, and take Matt Simmons' survey too!