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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/5/13)

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4 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Find and Hire Good Developers, and 4 Ways To Get Them
The competition for courting great developers is fierce, but if you have an exciting and fulfilling mission, you’ve got a shot.

Engineers Are Not The Reason Behind Your Bottlenecks
Peter Nixey sticks up for developers in his latest post on why queues, not engineers themselves, are to blame for 2 month time frames for features.


Chicago’s on GitHub
The city of Chicago is on Github, making various public data (building footprints, bike routes, bike rack locations) available to fork and update -- and to leverage in your own projects. 

Pictured: The GitHub Octocat rises from the depths of Lake Michigan to attack the Sears Tower Willis Tower. Pirate Bay Allegedly Moves to North Korea
In a statement released yesterday, the Pirate Bay announced that it’s now hosted in North Korea. A lot of folks figure it’s a hoax -- traceroutes appear to verify the claim, but closer investigation raises questions. If true, we’ll let you know when the new servers buckle under the irony. 

Glitch Puts Mars Rover in 'Safe Mode'
NASA claims it will take about a week to get the Mars Rover up and running again after unknown causes (read: ALIENS) corrupted the main computer's files.

Cool Stuff

Here’s a jaw-dropping magic trick from TED that uses an early prototype of Google Glasses.