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Electric Cloud Launches Two Products and Brings New Attention to Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Delivery is the New Agile

Yesterday, Electric Cloud announced two new products, as well as several new industry initiatives, that show a lot about what the company has learned after 10 years of software pipeline and delivery experience. Accompanying the announcements, Electric Cloud also unveiled a rebranding of the company after a Series E bid topped them off at $12 million dollars, allowing them to grow their company even more.

The first product they announced is called ElectricFlow, and it's an interesting suite of Continuous Delivery applications that build on the ElectricCommander platform. The suite focuses on delivery patterns at scale, and utilizes a new application called Deploy, which is meant to help with automating and standardizing deployments through the development process.

The second product is ElectricAccelerator Huddle which was the product I thought was most interesting for its applications. Huddle is a free version of ElectricAccelerator (essentially) that is meant to accelerate and improve building and testing. This acceleration is achieved by essentially creating a cluster using the local network to free up CPU capacity on host computers, taking the place of server clusters. This kind of utility allows smaller development teams to use tools they might not otherwise have access too--and it's free, increasing in price based on usage.

Electric Cloud also rebranded and co-sponsored an upcoming convention, now called the DevOps Enterprise Summit. This level of focus on DevOps at the enterprise level is something that hasn't really been done on a large scale yet, and they definitely have a lot of room to find a major audience with this move. ElectricCloud definitely knows their audience when they do something like this.

Electric Cloud also talked a bit about their Continuous Delivery Thought Leader Network and Technology Alliance, which now interesting includes legends like Jez Humble, Gene Kim, and Gary Gruver. It says a lot that they were able to get such big names enlisted in their alliance--there's a lot of people out there willing to listen to basically anything Jez Humble has to say. About anything. A real list of "thought leaders" and generally smart people to top of their network.