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Embrace Difference, Embrace Innovation

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I’ve read a number of articles on gender and race discrimination recently. One by Chris Lema on Race, Racism and Twitter and one by Doug Bradbury over at 8th Light on Gender Equality not being enough in the software industry. They are both very interesting and eloquent articles and I would strongly recommend that you give them a read.

That’s cool, but you may ask yourself why should I care beyond the fact that it is only fair everyone should be treated on their merits?

Let me digress for a second and talk about my view on modern art. Now it took me many years to appreciate modern art. How can a scene made up of different asymmetric shapes or an unmade bed be considered art? In my head I came to realise that this type of art is not about depicting something real, but more about looking through the eyes of the artist, about seeing something from another persons point of view.

So what has this got to do with embracing difference and innovation?

The way I see it we are all different and those differences mean we all have different ideas and our minds work in different ways. And when we see the ideas behind the gender, skin colour, disability and culture, when we embrace those differences, I believe our view of the world changes. And when our view of the world changes, it not only means we grow as people and maybe become slightly better human beings, it also means we see things from the other persons point of view.

In my opinion, when we see things from another persons point of view our minds go down a different path, and who knows where that new path will lead and what innovation it might inspire.

So I try to embrace a persons differences because I believe, as well as being fair, it can also lead to innovation.

Have you found that by seeing something from another persons point of view you were able to solve a problem, or you came up with a solution you wouldn’t have done otherwise? If so I would love to hear about it so why not leave a comment.

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