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Google Code is Dead

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Last year Google announced they would no longer provide a 'downloads' feature on google code hosting for new projects. Starting January 15th 2014, creating new downloads would also no longer be possible for existing projects.

It's been sort of obvious for a while that they've stopped caring about their code hosting. At the time, it was a refreshing way to do open source project hosting. All we really had was SourceForge, which at the time was already really starting to feel dated.

But with the advent of Github and others, google code pretty much dropped out of the race. The last new feature announcement was from 2011.

So last night I created a script that would:

  • Download all 92 SabreDAV releases from google code.
  • Parse the ChangeLog.
  • Automatically create releases on GitHub with the changelog information.

The result looks quite nice :).

So after migrating the source in 2011, now all that's left on google code is the wiki. Hopefully I can find a new place for that soon too :).

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Jeff Dickey replied on Fri, 2014/01/24 - 4:49am

Getting a snapshot of the Google Code Wiki into Github's Wiki should be pretty straightforward, shouldn't it? Plenty of tools out there, in various languages, to translate from Wiki format x to Wiki format y for any given values of x and y. The trickiest part would be to recreate the editing history (if desired) and what to do with comments, seeing as Github doesn't really support comments on Wiki pages.

You could always just add a "Comments" section to the relevant page, but keeping that updated and clean would be A Major Pain. The "Github Way" for that would seem to be to open an issue related to a given page and have people leave comments on *that*. The downside there, of course, is that a user would be flipping back and forth between the Wiki page and the issue containing the comments (assuming the Wiki page is set so that only the project maintainer can edit pages).

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