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Quick Switch Between Git Branches

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Today's little-known git feature (or maybe everyone knows but me? I only found this a few months ago) is for quickly switching between branches. Usually I would switch branches with:

git checkout [branchname]

However if you switch from one branch to another and want to switch back again (this happens when I'm reviewing changes and wondering if a bug is present on master as well), then you can do so by just doing:

git checkout -

Just a little timesaver in case it's useful to anyone else - I know I've been using it quite a bit!

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Martin Knoller ... replied on Mon, 2014/03/31 - 7:32am

This works also for merging, which I find rather creepy:

git merge -

Paul Fife replied on Thu, 2014/04/03 - 9:03am in response to: Martin Knoller Stocker

For merging it makes sense for some workflows. eg.

- commit changes to one branch

- switch to another to merge to

- use git merge - to merge from previous

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