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SDN: It's Like DNS for Packet Switching

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An article by the incomparable Lori MacVittie makes an interesting high-level comparison between DNS and software-defined networking.

Basically, the problem distills down to "I need to send information to this IP address. Where should I send it?" Which, if you think about it, isn't all that different from DNS, which basically says, "I need to send information to this host. Where should I send it?"

…In general, the benefits of DNS (which handles more database queries in a day than any other system on the planet) when abstracted and applied to a much smaller - yet increasingly similar in volatility - network are pretty much the same [as SDN].

-- Lori MacVittie

You should also follow the link to her article to see the lightheartedly fun sketches that demonstrate some of the high-level similarities between DNS and SDN.


Omar Ahmed replied on Mon, 2014/07/28 - 6:29pm

 best article,thanks

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Ahmed Hashem replied on Sat, 2014/08/23 - 11:55am

it's the best article my man


Abdel Zoo replied on Sat, 2014/10/18 - 12:00pm

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