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Time Saving Bash Tricks

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This is a followup from the lightning talk '5 Time Saving Bash Tricks' at DevOpsDays, Bangalore 2011.


These work with the emacs-readline, which is the default configuration in most ditributions (including OS X).

  • C means Control
  • M means Meta (usually mapped to Alt/Option or Escape on QWERTY keyboards.)


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`M` stands for the Meta key. Commonly represented by the Alt/Option/Esc key on your keyboard.
`C` stands for the Control key.
Example -- `C-k` means 'hit `k` while keeping `Control` pressed.'
Yank the last argument to the previous command.
Yank the first argument to the previous command.
`C-k, C-w, M-d, C-u`
All these kill text in different ways and save it in the kill-ring.
Yank most recent item from the kill-ring.
Immediately follows a `C-y`. Cycle through the kill-ring.
Substitute the previous command (e.g. `sudo !!`)


SSH multiplexing



Host *

ControlMaster auto

ControlPath /tmp/%r0%h:%p



Ensuring Bash Hisory across multiple sessions


shopt -s histappend


Remember to use pushd and popd when in deeply nested directories.


Background tail processes to share STDOUT and STDERR with any REPL (including the shell itself.)

tail -f httpd.log &

Then start the REPL, or continue working on the shell. 


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