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Weekly Poll: Which Web Server Do You Use?

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It's fairly obvious that Apache is dominating the general web server market. For this week's poll, we wanted to know if that trend is represented by the DZone community, or if we have diverged from the norm on this. You will be able to review the results after completing the poll.

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Harris Goldstone replied on Fri, 2012/10/19 - 1:02am

Two weekly polls in one week? Maybe one too many? And what kind of serious opinion poll starts out with the words that "It's fairly obvious" that one of the polled items is "dominating"?

Hannah Myeres replied on Fri, 2012/10/19 - 1:04am

Yes, please stop these space wasting polls.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Fri, 2012/10/19 - 6:55am in response to: Harris Goldstone

We're analyzing both Monday and Friday as options for the weekly poll.  This time, we went back to Friday.

Bill Armstrong replied on Fri, 2012/10/19 - 8:59am in response to: Mitch Pronschinske

And, in fact, our current plan is to stick with Fridays. Sorry for the confusion.

As to why we're having a poll on something that already has a conclusive answer, the reason is that DZone has a tendency toward leading, rather than following the mob. Thus, just because "a lot" of people are using Apache doesn't mean that DZone's community is. And, in fact, a considerable portion of us aren't, from the poll results so far.

Additionally, we hoped to see which version of Apache is used, if it is an Apache-driven system. That's not information that's just floating around that I've seen. We were also very interested in the optional second question, "Why?" With so many quality web servers available, why do you use the one you use? It's another question we didn't have a good, solid answer to.

Thanks for your concern. If anyone cares to, feel free to send poll ideas, suggestions about how to do the polls, complaints, etc to me at billa [at] dzone [dot] com. I would love to hear directly from you.

Victor Homyakov replied on Thu, 2012/10/25 - 2:32am

NGNIX? WTF? Maybe nginx?

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