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Daily Dose - GitHub Hits 1 Million Projects

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Source hosting site, GitHub, reached more than one million projects over the weekend, according to their VP of R&D.  Around 60% of projects are full repositories while 40% are "gists" - short code snippets.  GitHub launched in February of 2008.

SEC Says Dell Stayed Profitable Through Intel Kickbacks
The news broke this week that for 20 quarters, Dell allegedly committed accounting fraud to meet earnings targets and remain profitable.  After the US Securities and Exchange Commission laid out its case against Dell, the computer manufacturer decided to settle with the government for a fine of $100 million dollars, the largest since 2006, when mortgage giant Fannie Mae paid the SEC $400 million.  The evidence that the SEC presented indicates that Dell was beating analysts' earnings expectations because they did not disclose payments that it received from Intel.  These payments were part of an agreement in which Dell would not use chips from Intel rival AMD in its computers.  These payments especially helped prop up Dell's earnings in early 2007, when they accounted for 76% of Dell's income.  

Google Quickens Chrome Release Cadence
Expect more frequent Chrome releases in the next few months.  Google says they're stepping up their release tempo.  Under their new plan, they're hoping to release a new stable version every six weeks, which is about 2x the speed of their current release cycles.  

Geronimo Version 3.0
The first milestone for Apache Geronimo 3.0 is ready.  The 3.0 version is intended as a Java EE 6 Web Profile implementation.  It also introduces support for the Apache Aries OSGi-based programming model.  The milestone supports many JEE 6 specs including JPA 2, JSP 2.2, EL 2.2, JSF 2, JAXB 2.2, Servlet 3.0, and more.  

Spring MVC 3 Showcase
Check out the showcases for various Spring 3.0 Framework features.
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Christof Schoell replied on Mon, 2010/07/26 - 4:20am

So Google has SEX weeks? sounds like fun :D

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Mon, 2010/07/26 - 12:58pm in response to: Christof Schoell

Freudian slip.  ;)

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