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John Walter10/29/14
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The Best of DZone: Oct. 22 - Oct. 29

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include navigating the DSL Jungle, a look at Google Analytics, a tutorial for updating your legacy code, and more.

Gen Furukawa10/29/14
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Contain(er) Yourself: Separating Docker Hype from the Tech's Reality

Even jaded IT veterans are sitting up and taking notice of the potential benefits of Docker's microservice model of app development, deployment, and maintenance. By containerizing the entire runtime environment, Docker ensures apps will function smoothly on any platform.

Omri Erel10/29/14
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SaaS Data Integration – Best Practices

Those who have built cloud-based systems clearly understand the strategy needed for SaaS data integration, and what the best practices entail. However, a majority of those who work to bring the benefits of cloud computing to their enterprise do not place the same value on this great technology.

Prabath Siriwardena10/29/14
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Identity Anti-patterns: Federation Silos and Spaghetti Identity

SAML, OpenID, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation all support identity federation - cross domain authentication. But, can we always expect all the parties in a federation use case to support SAML, OpenID or OpenID Connect ? Most of the federation systems we see today are in silos.

Mike Bushong10/28/14
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SDN Market Sizing Redux

The real point of the market sizing exercise was to predict that SDN is going to be huge. Since that time, every major vendor has built SDN into their roadmap. Yes, deployments are lagging as people figure out just what to do with the technology, but there is no doubt that the competitive landscape has been forever changed.

Val Huber10/28/14
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How to Build REST Infrastructure for Database Access

In the first two blogs in this series, we tackled the issue of how REST is a solution to a connected enterprise followed by discussions on What is REST. Then we discussed why use REST for database access. This article discusses how to build the REST infrastructure and what are the requirements of solutions from vendors.

Rob J Hyndman10/28/14
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HTS with Regressors

The hts pack­age for R allows for fore­cast­ing hier­ar­chi­cal and grouped time series data. The idea is to gen­er­ate fore­casts for all series at all lev­els of aggre­ga­tion with­out impos­ing the aggre­ga­tion con­straints, and then to rec­on­cile the fore­casts so they sat­isfy the aggre­ga­tion con­straints.

Omri Erel10/28/14
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SaaS VS ASP – Understanding the Difference

Overall, between SaaS vs ASP, an application designed and created specifically as a SaaS offering is safer if you want to use a web-based application, as it will also be easy to scale without incurring further costs.

Ayende Rahien10/28/14
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Career Planning: Where do old devs go to?

What doesn’t make sense is the ratio that I’m seeing. Where are the people who have been doing software development for decades?

Keith Mayer10/28/14
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End-to-End IaaS Workload Provisioning in the Cloud

This article is part 1 of a two-part series. In this article, I'll provide an example of leveraging Azure Automation runbooks and PowerShell Workflows in a concerted approach to fully automate all aspects of provisioning new IaaS workloads on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Mike Bushong10/27/14
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Challenging the Value of the Public Cloud

Though the rapid speed of deployment and reduced capital expenditure has made services such as Amazon EC2 very attractive, the study shows that the rate of cost increase is often higher than that of a self-hosted private cloud solution.

Arthur Charpentier10/27/14
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Removing Uncited References in a Tex File (with R)

Usually, once you have revised the paper, some references were added, others were dropped. But you need to spend some time to check that all references are actually mentioned in the paper. I wanted to work on that manually this week-end, but @3wen suggested to write a simple R function to scan the tex f file (as well as the aux file actually) to remove uncited references.

Gen Furukawa10/27/14
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The New Reality: Microservices Apply the Internet Model to App Development

As software becomes the force driving industries of all types and sizes, the nature of app development and management is changing. Gone are the days of centralized control via complex, interdependent, hierarchical architectures. Welcome to small pieces, loosely joined via the microservice architecture.

Asela Pathberiya10/27/14
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Authorization for APIs with XACML and OAuth 2.0

In this blog post, let see how we can implement XACML to authorize the APIs. I wish you are familiar with OAuth 2.0 and lets directly go through the diagram. So, if we want to provide fine-grained authorization for API, The best way is to use XACML based Authorization approach.

Antonio Santiago10/26/14
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7 reasons to use Yeoman's angular-fullstack generator

For my next project and, after looking for candidates and reading some hundreds of lines of documentation, I finally choose to work with the so called MEAN stack: mongodb, express, angular and node.