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Gareth Rushgrove12/30/13
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Making the Web Secure, One Unit Test at a Time

Writing automated tests for your code is one of those things that, once you have gotten into it, you never want to see code without tests ever again. Why write pages and pages of documentation about how something should work when you can write tests to show exactly how something does work?

Lukas Eder12/30/13
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The Great SQL Implementation Comparison Page

Fortunately, we have SQL standards. Or do we? It’s a well-known secret (or cynical joke) that the SQL standard is yet another SQL dialect among peers.

Ayende Rahien12/30/13
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Reducing the Cost of Writing to Disk

So, we found out that the major cost of random writes in our tests was actually writing to disk. Writing 500K sequential items resulted in about 300 MB being written. Writing 500K random items resulted in over 2.3 GB being written. So the obvious thing to do would be to use compression

Mitch Pronschinske12/30/13
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SDN: From Theory to Production

A recent post on Moor Insights & Strategy takes a comprehensive look at the challenges and barriers that software-defined networking will have to pass before it can become a reality at the majority of IT firms. The article has a nice list of some major SDN Vendors and a snapshot of their progress towards removing these barriers.

Ofir Nachmani12/27/13
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The Basics of Cloud Capacity

Traditional capacity planning, where new servers were purchased to fulfill the demand of a single application with a load of 20% max, is terminated by cloud computing. The comparison below shows some of the basic differences between the traditional DC and the cloud:

Johanna Rothman12/27/13
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Give Credit Generously

I had a boss who was great at saying, “Terri did this. Jen did that. JR did this other thing.” We all knew who had learned about different areas of the system, who had succeeded at which parts of testing or development or project management. It was great. Contrast that with some other places I’ve worked...

Oliver Hookins12/27/13
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Unexpected benefits of IPv6 tunnelling

Recently I wrote about getting my IPv6 tunnel setup working properly again after a while of it not working very well (or not at all). After getting my IPv6 running properly again, I noticed that YouTube videos were actually starting quite fast and playing back without interruption.

Roy Chua12/27/13
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Why AT&T Wants NFV

We hear both that NFV is moving very fast and getting traction, and yet also hear that it’ll take a while to get standards created — for example, what hypervisor standards, what orchestration standards aren’t defined yet. Do you think we’ll see early standards being published?

Roy Chua12/26/13
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Controller Wars 2.0 – ON.LAB & Juniper Re-Ignite the Open-Source Battleground. Part 2 of 2

Compare the differences between the three new major open-source controllers and provide my opinion of how this will play out in 2014. Also see what service providers and enterprises ought to consider as they move ahead with their SDN and NFV strategies.

Istvan Szegedi12/26/13
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Windows Azure Mobile Services - Microsoft Backend for Mobile Applications

We will demonstrate how to write a simple Android application using Azure Mobile Services as cloud backend database to store contact details (name, email address, phone number) and we will also show how to introduce authentication in order to protect our data and let only authenticated users access it.

Roy Chua12/24/13
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Controller Wars 2.0 – ON.LAB & Juniper Re-Ignite the Open-Source Battleground. Part 1 of 2

To understand the value of open-source controllers like ODP going forward, we need to understand what’s happening in the commercial space. Let’s look at some well-known networking vendors and examine who has a controller today (or is planning to launch one):

Mike Hadlow12/23/13
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The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013

This is the second year of my Geek Christmas Quiz. Six sections of the ultimate geek questions. The office competition was won by Toby Carter with a score of 46. See if you can do better.

Keith Mayer12/23/13
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Why R2? Software Defined Networking with Hyper-V Network Virtualization

This article has been updated now that Window Server 2012 R2 is generally available. Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) is part of our Software Defined Networking (SDN) portfolio that is included inbox with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2...

Craig Matsumoto12/20/13
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ONF Sets Off to Find SDN’s Northbound Interfaces

The ONF had been focusing on shepherding the OpenFlow standard and promoting the protocol’s use as a “substrate” for software-defined networking (SDN). But the idea of expanding its scope into northbound interfaces has been kicked around for a while.

Aliza Earnshaw12/19/13
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DevOps Team? No. DevOps Toolchain? Yes.

Though it’s common to hear people talking about “DevOps teams” — or see job postings for “DevOps” — to leaders of this technology movement, the phrase is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. So why do those in the know freely talk about a DevOps toolchain? It’s because a common toolchain helps developers and IT operations people work together more collaboratively to achieve the goals of the business.