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Allen Coin08/19/13
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How SDN Could Transform Network Performance

IBM's Charles Ferland says that SDN and open source technologies like OpenFlow could change the way businesses do networking in their data centers, and could revolutionize networking performance.

Allen Coin08/19/13
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An Introduction to SDN

Curious about software-defined networking (SDN) but not quite sure what it is? Eli "The Computer Guy" Etherton answers every introductory question you may have in this 25-minute video presentation.

Mitch Pronschinske08/19/13
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3 Software-defined Networking Methods: What You Need to Know Today

The actual technology for implementing Software-defined Networking is still in its infancy, but there are already several different methods for executing SDN. This video covers three potential methods for SDN.

Zac Gery08/16/13
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Eliminating Software Waste with Kaizen

For the uninitiated, Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning "change for the better" or "improvement." The two parts of the word, which are displayed in the picture, translate into "change" and "good."

Mehdi Daoudi08/16/13
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How the NYT Was Up When It Was Down

Yesterday, the big web news story of the day was the NYT outage. But the bigger performance story of the day was not the fact the NYT was down for a few hours, but rather, how the NYT team did all the right things to handle the outage.

Kevin Remde08/16/13
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VMware or Microsoft?–Reduce VMware Storage Costs WITH Windows Server 2012

In today’s edition of our blog series, “VMware or Microsoft?”, my friend Keith Mayer describes how you can use Windows Server 2012 as your storage servers for clustered NFS storage.

Christian Posta08/15/13
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HawtIO + ActiveMQ

Have you had a chance to take a look at HawtIO yet? If you haven’t, it’s a new web-based dashboard for managing and monitoring JVM-based services like Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, JBoss, Infinispan, Apache Tomcat and many others!

Trevor Parsons08/15/13
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Filtering file names on client-side

Logentries agent enables users to get set up very quickly. We provide it for convenience as using the agent is far easier than configuring similar tools like syslogs.

John Cook08/15/13
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A New Twitter Account for Networks

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m winding down three of my Twitter accounts. But I have started a new one: NetworkFact. This account has tweets about graph theory, analysis of large networks, etc.

Tommy Patterson08/15/13
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Security, patching, features, functionality – Great post on Hyper-V versus ESX

Our team is currently running a blog series to demystify some of the misinformation, rumors, etc that exist in the market today concerning ESX versus Hyper-V.

Jenny Yang08/14/13
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A pain in the backdoor — The importance of package integrity checks

Unfortunately malicious intrusions are a part of life. Products such as Tripwire do a great job of keeping an eye on your file integrity, but what about package integrity?

Erich Styger08/14/13
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Installing eGit in Eclipse and CodeWarrior for MCU10.4

Git is now my favorite version control system. Git and GitHub are very powerful, it has (nearly) all features I can think about, and best of all: As a distributed version control system, I can work with it, even if disconnected from the network.

Nitin Kumar08/14/13
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DevOps – A Need for the IT Industry

Today, software innovation is shifting from not just writing the code but also to delivering it to customers with faster time-to-market with high quality.

Christopher Taylor08/14/13
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Should we spy on our children?

Technology makes it easier than ever to spy on citizens, as we saw with the NSA’s Prism and other (…domestic) surveillance programs.

Rodrigo De Castro08/14/13
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Arduino Workshop - Project 2 Errata

This is an errata for Arduino Workshop, Project 2, Page 47 (PDF version). Replace this code...