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Rob Hinds02/05/14
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Distributed Performance Testing With Maven JMeter and Jenkins

I think that it's commonly accepted at this point that performance testing in software is a useful way of giving us confidence in the robustness and responsiveness of our system under load. The arguments covering these ideas are well covered by better domain experts than myself, so this article will focus on the practicalities of integrating performance testing with your CI environment.

Troy Hunt02/04/14
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Measuring all the things with Azure Web Sites and friends

Most people have no idea what kind of capabilities are possible with Windows Azure. This article includes a number of different tools and services that help stand up websites with Azure, and providing monitoring and data collection along the way.

Chris Haddad02/04/14
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SOA Perspective and API Echo

The SOA perspective is reverberating into an API echo. During past SOA craze days proponents pitched SOA’s benefits from both business and technical perspectives. The benefits are real, yet sometimes very difficult to obtain. Surprisingly, today’s API proponents target similar benefits, but with an execution twist.

Knut W. Hansson02/03/14
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Code Puzzler: Favorite Seats

Given an array of n rows numbered 0 to n-1, each of m seats 0 to m-1, where the cells have values True (meaning the seat is available) or False (meaning the seat is taken). A customer states that his favorite seat is at row x and seat y on that row.

Jakub Holý02/03/14
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A Secret Weapon Against Technical Debt

Technical debt is not the only monster we have to fight – it has a hidden evil twin, as pointed out by Niklas Björnerstedt: Competence Debt. There is an often neglected tool at our fingertips that might help us fight competence debt. Its name is – behold – JavaDoc

Rob Galanakis02/03/14
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Agile Game Development is Hard

I've spent the last few weeks trying to write a blog post about why Agile software development is inherently more difficult for games than other software. I came up with reasons that are purely circumstantial, rooted in business models and development environments. Nonetheless, it is the situation we are in; the good news is, we can change it.

Zac Gery02/03/14
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The Hidden Secret to Prioritizing Workload

At times life can feel like one constant distraction in a room filled with interruptions. Add the extra dimensions of new technologies, constant growth, continual communication, and never-ending deadlines brought on by software development, and a general sense of being overwhelmed or confused is understandable

Tatiana Crawford02/03/14
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Cloud Security Survey: Concerns with Traditional Security in the Cloud (Part 3)

This is the final post of a 3 part series on a cloud security survey recently conducted by CloudPassage. The survey looks at the actual adoption of cloud computing, both private and public clouds, what cloud benefits are most important to businesses, what security challenges are the biggest pain points and so on.

Paul Hammant02/03/14
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It's Time for Email Apps to Support JavaScript

Email applications should allow HTML emails with JavaScript in them. It's 2014 for pete's sake! While there is a long list of historical reasons why browsers have locked-down DOM, why in 2014 do email applications totally forbid JavaScript?

David Shaw02/03/14
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Optimizing Google Analytics Site Speed

Improving the load time of your website has been proven many times to be an effective method for improving your website's conversion rate. By default, Google Analytics only collects data on 1% of page loads for their "Site Speed" report. By increasing this metric, you can have more load data to use.

Brian Gracely02/03/14
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The Cloudcast #129 - Cloud Chaos, HyperConvergence & Commoditization

In this episode of The Cloudcast, Brian Gracely talks with guests about the Open Compute Project, Cisco's future in storage, the future of software-defined and object storage, Microsoft's new CEO, and how many public clouds will be optimal in the future.

Benjamin Ball02/02/14
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The Best of the Week (Jan. 24): HTML5 Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the HTML5 Zone (Jan. 17 to Jan. 23). This week's articles discuss a range of topics including modular JavaScript creation with the CommonJS compiler, a list of useful jQuery code snippets, a warning about ColdFusion10's ORM logging features, a guide to getting up to date on Node.js, and a discussion of custom optimizations for AngularJS.

Benjamin Ball02/02/14
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The Best of the Week (Jan. 24): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Jan. 17 to Jan. 23). This week's articles discuss a range of topics including PaaS versus IaaS, using Clojure with CloudStack, a discussion on TechNet Radio with the CEO and COO of PoliticalTracker, how to monitor performance on Windows Azure applications, and a discussion of how the IT industry explains and markets the "cloud."

Benjamin Ball02/02/14
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The Best of the Week (Jan. 24): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Jan. 17 to Jan. 23). This week's articles discuss a range of topics including how to create a remove service provider, a presentation about expanding Apache Kafka's userbase, using the Spring @Async function for exception handling, running multiple instances of ActiveMQ, and a tutorial on how to build WSO2 Carbon 4.2.0.

Alexander Beletsky01/31/14
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How to Keep Node.js Processes Running

Node.js is very special. It’s single process/threaded environment. In case of unhanded exception occurred Node.js virtual machine simply stops, leaving application in unresponsive state. To mitigate the issue few known solutions exist, common idea is that there is watchdog that keeping eye