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Yung Chou03/31/14
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Windows Azure Infrastructure Services IP Address Management (Part 1)

This two-part series details the IP address management of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services including Windows Azure Infrastructure Services IP assignments facts and how to assign a static IP to a Windows Azure VM and a sample session.

Craig Matsumoto03/31/14
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Dell’s Fabric Gets More Active With OpenStack

Dell partnered with Red Hat and agreed to curate the CloudNFV project. Now it’s bringing its network fabric closer to OpenStack. Today, Dell announced the Active Fabric Controller (AFC), software that connects OpenStack’s Neutron (the plug-in for networking) with Dell’s Active Fabric.

Omri Erel03/28/14
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3 Great Lies of Cloud Computing

As a cloud expert, you encounter several hurdles to adoption and many misconceptions related to cloud use. Some of these obstacles are minor, and easily overcome, but others can prevent cloud implementation all together.

George Dinwiddie03/28/14
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Definition of Ready

Many time, in the middle of developing a user story, the programmer discovers a question about how it’s intended to work. Or the tester, when looking at the functionality that’s been developed, questions if it’s really supposed to work that way.

Eli Bendersky03/28/14
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Rewriting the lexer benchmark in Go

Last year I was toying with a simple lexer, implementing it using multiple approaches in both Python and Javascript. Redoing the same task using multiple approaches and using more than one language is a very interesting code kata and a great way to learn. Hopefully the code would be useful/interesting to someone.

Jim Bird03/28/14
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Secure DevOps: Seems Simple

The DevOps security story is deceptively simple. It’s based on a few fundamental, straight forward ideas and practices:

Anindita Basak03/28/14
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A Lap Around of Cloud Design Patterns – Microsoft Patterns & Practices

Patterns & Practices are key indicators of any application development life-cycle, whether it’s Windows Store/Desktop app, Web, Cloud, mobility, or LOB app. Microsoft P&P leverages few new patterns as well for Cloud based apps. Lets have a summation as followed.

Mike Bushong03/28/14
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Self-driving Cars, Amazon, and Networking

Google’s pursuit of self-driving cars has been well documented over the years. The promise of fleets of vehicles that could potentially make driving safer while simultaneously shortening commute times makes it one of the most attractive futures technologies around. But where would self-driving cars be adopted first?

Christian Posta03/27/14
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Contract First Web Service Integration with Apache Camel on JBoss EAP

Apache Camel is the most popular open-source integration library. You can implement complex routing, orchestration, transformation, and mediation with this library. With hundreds of connectors/adapters including those to common enterprise backends, it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular.

Mark Hinkle03/27/14
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Exoscale a Swiss Cloud Provider Expands its Cloud Services with Apache CloudStack

Exoscale is a global provider of swiss-based cloud services. Exoscale offers local or international companies real technological and financial benefits while preserving top-level customer relationship. Its service catalog proposes IaaS products from compute to storage.

Rob Sanders03/27/14
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Oracle Software on Windows Azure

If you’ve invested into Oracle/Java on Azure, you’ll need to be prepared for increased usage charges as they go into “general availability” around the time of publishing this article. Here is the official advice from Microsoft.

Roy Chua03/27/14
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Spirent Examines the Changing Roles of Testing and Assurance in a Virtualized World

As virtualization transforms data center technology, it raises both challenges and opportunities on the testing and assurance front. Testing company Spirent dove into these issues at the recent Tech Field Day, Virtualization Field Day 3.

Craig Matsumoto03/27/14
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OpenFlow 2.0 Could Bring New Flexibility to Switches

OpenFlow 2.0 doesn’t formally exist yet, but one possible shape of the protocol — a more flexible take on packet switching — is starting to form. In other words, what’s being proposed is a new type of switch, one that’s configurable in ways that aren’t possible today.

Chen Harel03/26/14
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The Dark Side Of Lambda Expressions in Java 8

Java 8’s two biggest features in terms of the language are Lambda expressions and the new Nashorn engine. But these features also have a dark side to them

Dave Fecak03/26/14
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Why Hire Older Engineers

As someone who has been around programmers (and ran a Java Users Group) for about 15 years, I often guide senior technologists in marketing their skills. I generally advise my clients on employing some senior level engineers who are strong coders but will also serve a secondary purpose of attracting other less experienced hires.