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Aaron Delp11/27/13
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The Cloudcast #119 - OpenStack Neutron and Nuage Networks

Aaron and returning guest co-host Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) talk to Scott Sneddon (@ssneddon) about the state of OpenStack Neutron as well Nuage Networks and upcoming proposed changes to Neutron.

Mark Hinkle11/26/13
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Fluentd Recipe for CloudStack

Here is a quick write up on how to use Fluentd to log CloudStack events and usage.

Matthew Palmer11/26/13
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Experiences Selling Bare Metal Networking and Cumulus

It’s important to note that Cumulus is focused on a networking OS for bare metal switching hardware and not a vSwitch. Though given my experience as CEO and co-founder of Pareto Networks – I have scar tissue from this approach.

Peter Zaitsev11/25/13
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Integrating pt-online-schema-change with a Scripted Deployment

Recently, I helped a client that was having issues with deployments causing locking in their production databases. As I wasn’t very familiar with Liquibase, I took this opportunity to learn more about it and it seems like a very valuable tool. Essentially, it does the following:

Ofir Nachmani11/22/13
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ScaleBase: The Cloud Native Database Scalability

I’ve been working in the cloud industry for nearly the past decade, and can say, without a doubt, that Database as a Service is one of the most interesting and challenging domains I’ve encountered.

Peter Verhas11/22/13
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Cheap Programming Languages

Recently I was part of a decision to go for JavaScript and some native JS framework on the client instead of GWT. I was busy warning the management that the huge load of JS developers available on moderate price is a guarantee for failure. You can buy just as much JS developer as you want for a low price, but they are the low-quality producing guys. Low price, low quality.

Craig Matsumoto11/22/13
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Is Cisco’s SDN Architecture Really That Special?

Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) is ACI’s brains for policy and management. It’s the crucial ingredient to Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) plan, and one of its central functions — the automatic assigning of policy to traffic flows — is something other vendors say they already do.

Alec Noller11/22/13
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StrongLoop Announces LoopBack Android SDK

StrongLoop recently announced the release of the Android SDK for LoopBack, an open-source, Node-built backend that allows Android apps to connect with enterprise and cloud data. Android developers looking for another way to access data might want to take a look.

Michael Mainguy11/21/13
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Running and Software Development

I have a long love/hate relationship with running and I think that it's a great metaphor to help explain the subtle differences between agile practices and traditional development. In software development, agile practices are the equivalent of the type of running done in soccer...

Allan Kelly11/21/13
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Software Supply and Demand: This Time It's Agile

Carrying on from my previous posts applying the economists' tools to thinking about software development (Supply & Demand in software development and Software supply over time). In this post I want to see what happens when we apply Agile...

Eric Minick11/21/13
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Pros and Cons of Deployment Agents

There are two basic strategies for executing the deployment. You can either have a worker on the deployment target (an agent) or not. Both strategies have the concept of a central deployment server that acts as a controller determining when and how deployments occur.

Matthew Palmer11/21/13
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OpenDaylight: Opportunity or Threat? It’s in the Eye of the Beholder

Reaction to the OpenDaylight across the SDNCentral community are mixed with many more questions than answers.

Allen Coin11/20/13
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Dev of the Week: Vlad Mihalcea

This week we're talking to Vlad Mihalcea, software architect passionate about software integration, high scalability and concurrency challenges.

Simon Jackson11/20/13
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Intro to Raygun: Your Personal Exception Blaster

Exceptions are a way of life when you are building any solution, you do your very best to prevent them or handle them well should they occur, but real life (and real users) always throws a spanner in the works. Raygun is a new framework and complete reporting suite aimed at helping out in the world of error reporting.

Nikita Ivanov11/20/13
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Cache < Data Grid < Database

I would like to clarify definitions for the following technologies: In-Memory Distributed Cache, In-Memory Data Grid, In-Memory Database. These three terms are, surprisingly, often used interchangeably and yet technically and historically they represent very different products and serve different, sometimes very different, use cases.