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Darrell Burgan09/27/14
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The NoSQL Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me

In this article, I hope to share some of these lessons with you and give you the practical advice I wish someone would have given me before I started. So here goes.

Armel Nene09/27/14
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Big Data Architecture Best Practices

The marketing department of software vendors have done a good job making Big Data go mainstream, whatever that means. The promise of we can achieve anything if we make use of Big Data; business insight and beating our competitions to submission. Yet, there is no well-publicised Big Data successful implementation. The question is: why not?

Ross Mason09/27/14
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Gradle Builds Reach Anypoint Studio

This is the fourth post on the Gradle series. At this time, I’m pleased to introduce two improvements we’ve made towards enabling our users to build apps with Gradle: we’ve created a new plugin for Anypoint Studio, and added support for Gradle 2.0.

Trevor Parsons09/27/14
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Cloud Platforms vs. On-Prem: A Guide for the Rest of Us

There are always a few objections that come up as well. Following-up on a previous blog post where we discussed the business benefits of cloud computing, this will be a discussion on the most common objections and how to have a conversation around cloud and on-premise environments.

Michael Sahota09/26/14
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Letting Go of Agile (Culture)

This post is about how we may accidentally harm organizations with Agile and how we can let go so that we may succeed.

Troy Hunt09/26/14
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Everything You Need to Know About the Shellshock Bash Bug

The hype says that Shellshock is in the same league as Heartbleed. But in all seriousness, it does have the potential to be a biggie, so I wanted to put together something definitive both for me to get to grips with the situation and for others to dissect the hype from the true underlying risk.

Brian Gracely09/26/14
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The Cloudcast #162 - Building and Managing Scalable SaaS Services

On this episode of the Cloudcast, Aaron & Brian talk with Manoj Chaudhary (CTO & VP of Engineering @loggly) about building and managing massively scalable SaaS applications.

Bilgin Ibryam09/26/14
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Apache Camel for Micro­service Architectures

There is nothing new in microservices. Many applications have already been designed and implemented as such for a long time. Microservices is just a new term that describes a style of software systems that have certain characteristics and follow certain principles.

Mike Cottmeyer09/26/14
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Telling Executive Stories

Delivery teams manage and deliver value supported by the tool user stories. While these forms support delivery team conversations well, they are inadequate to support the richer conversation needed by executives to manage investment and value. What forms the basis of these stories?

John Jacob09/25/14
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Next Generation API Management

Current API management enables throttling an API call request based on user or system throttling rates. It is ignorant to the performance characteristics of the API provider system. The next generation of API management tools needs to do much more...

Benjamin Ball09/25/14
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The No Fluff Introduction to Big Data

Due to the obstacles presented by large scale data management, the goal for developers and data scientists is two-fold: first, systems must be created to handle large scale data, and two, business intelligence and insights should be acquired from analysis of the data.

Rob Galanakis09/25/14
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Two weeks is the worst sprint length

I still prefer one week sprints, which isn’t surprising as I’m an XP advocate. But if a team isn’t able or willing to move to one week sprints, don’t default to two weeks.

Benjamin Ball09/25/14
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How eBay Uses OpenStack Trove in Production

I came across a conference video starring Auston McReynolds and Mat Lowery, both software engineers at eBay, who go on to describe the use and role of OpenStack Trove in eBay's process. They cover the creation of eBay's OpenStack cloud and using Trove throughout the company.

Reza Rahman09/25/14
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Meet the Java EE 8 Experts at JavaOne

This year, we have also arranged a Meet the Experts area. It is a designated space in the JavaHub where most of the Specification Leads will be present at a dedicated time (see schedule below). Oracle's Java EE Evangelists and Heather VanCura from the JCP will also be present.

Robert Diana09/25/14
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Geek Reading September 23, 2014

These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. This week's topics include Gradle dependencies, memory corruption, Redis developer takeaways, Akka actor messaging, microservices and jars, Nashorn API management, and more.