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Benjamin Ball11/15/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov 7): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (November 07 - November 14). This week's topics include the case for hybrid clouds, cloud productivity and innovation, LXD and Docker, 5 evolving Docker technologies, and a recap of the latest in the cloud wars.

Ravi Namboori11/15/14
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Big Data For Dummies

This article endeavors to explain how Big Data will bring about changes in information processing in the IT world. Its aim is to reach out to people seeking clarity on this concept, which has been surrounded by so much hype.

Chen Harel11/14/14
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Beautiful Exceptions: A New Way to View Server Errors

Here at Takipi we're in the error tracking business. Each day we track more than 500,000 errors coming from hundreds of different companies. How cool would it be, we thought, if we could scan the code that led to an error with a single scroll? Pretty cool. So we built it.

Ankur Kumar11/14/14
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My Weekend Getaway with IBM Bluemix – A Cloud Platform Providing PaaS with DevOps

As my usual ritual of going through technology tweets over the weekend, I got interested in exploring IBM Bluemix and decided to have first-hand experience of the same. A blog based on my weekend experience with IBM PaaS offering - Bluemix with keytakeaways and working web application example with data cache.

Mark Needham11/14/14
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R: Converting a named vector to a data frame

I’ve been playing around with igraph’spage rank function to see who the most central nodes in the London NoSQL scene are and I wanted to put the result in a data frame to make the data easier to work with.

Ravi Namboori11/14/14
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Tapping Big Data To Your Own Advantage

This is SAS's view on big data. The article discusses how big data can be used to take better decisions, cut costs, and gain advantages.

Gil Zilberfeld11/14/14
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The Illusion of Control

As managers, we can create a safe environment where issues can appear, and we can do something about them, rather than keeping them secret until the last irresponsible moment. We can be honest with our customers to create trust between us, and improve our relationship with them, which will benefit both of us.

Ravi Namboori11/14/14
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The Evolution of Cloud Computing

This article on cloud computing intends to be a primer for non-IT professionals. As cloud computing is a very important breakthrough in the field of information technology, different ways in which it is operated have been cited. Also listed in the article are its advantages and how it came into being.

Mike Cottmeyer11/13/14
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Agile Smells Versus Agile Zombies in the Uncanny Valley

I don’t like to use the term smell. I prefer to say that you’re in “the valley”. I’m referring to the uncanny valley. When something looks and moves almost, but not exactly, like a healthy person, it causes a response of revulsion among some observers. To that, I believe there is an Agile uncanny valley and it’s full of Agile zombies.

Arthur Charpentier11/13/14
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Extracting Datasets from Excel Files in a Zipped Folder

The title of the post is a bit long, but that’s the problem I was facing this morning: importing datasets from files, online. I mean, it was not a “problem”, more a challenge (I should be able to do it in R, directly)

Mike Bushong11/13/14
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The Power of Correlated Visualization

Using all the data sources at your disposal to increase the visibility of the state, health and contextual performance of your network is key to just that.

Ivan Krizsan11/12/14
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Testing HTTPS Connections with Apache HttpClient 4.2

In addition I will show how to set up a HTTPS endpoint using the Mule ESB as a mock HTTPS server. The example in this article is limited to showing how the client will assert the identity of the server using a truststore. The server will not assert the identity of the client (mutual authentication).

Stan Roach11/12/14
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Two Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business – Productivity and Innovation

There is absolutely no doubt we have entered an era of cloud computing, wherein businesses are using this technology to streamline processes, as well as, explore new avenues for growth. But not everybody is exploiting the use of the cloud as they should.

Brian Gracely11/12/14
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The Cloudcast #170 - Reigniting of the Cloud Wars

Aaron and Brian are actually in the same town, at the same time, so they catch up on Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack Summit , upcoming AWS re:Invent and of course Docker news. They also kickoff the fundraising campaign for the 2015 Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Jonathan Callahan11/12/14
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Using R: R Class for Wildfire Scientists

Mazama Science has just finished creating class materials on using R for the AirFire team at the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab in Seattle, Washington. Autodidacts new to R should take about 20-30 hrs to complete the course.