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Prabath Siriwardena10/08/14
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Single Sign-On with the Delegated Access Control Pattern

Company employees are allowed to access these APIs via web apps while they’re behind the company firewall. All data is stored in a Microsoft Active Directory, and all the web applications are connected to a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 identity provider to authenticate users.

Allan Kelly10/08/14
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Estimates or #NoEstimates? That is the question

Maybe it is a navel gazing exercise for agile-folk but it does seem to be the reoccurring theme. And I can’t get over this feeling that some of my peers think I’m a bit stupid for continuing to support estimates.

Phil Whelan10/08/14
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Microservices and PaaS - Part IV

This is Part IV of the "Microservices and PaaS" blog series covering the rapidly evolving use of microservices in modern cloud software projects. Parts I and II introduced microservices concepts and discussed patterns and practices being spearheaded by microservices pioneers.

Matt Butcher10/08/14
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How to Allow Only HTTPS on an S3 Bucket

It is possible to disable HTTP access on S3 bucket, limiting S3 traffic to only HTTPS requests. The documentation is scattered around the Amazon AWS documentation, but the solution is actually straightforward.

Peter Zaitsev10/08/14
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MySQL & OpenStack: How to Overcome Issues as Your Dataset Grows

MySQL is the database of choice for most OpenStack components (Ceilometer is a notable exception). If you start with a small deployment, it will probably run like a charm. But as soon as the dataset grows, you will suddenly face several challenges.

John Cook10/08/14
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The great reformulation of algebraic geometry

At the Heidelberg Laureate Forum I had a chance to interview John Tate. In his remarks below, Tate briefly comments on his early work on number theory and cohomology. Most of the post consists of his comments on the work of Alexander Grothendieck.

Aruna Karunarathna10/08/14
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How to Install and Configure Subversion Server with HTTP Access

Hi all, Recently I came across with the $subject and I was unable to find a comprehensive tutorial. So In this post I've decided to show how to install and configure apache subversion server and configure the server to access via http in ubuntu.

Michael Mainguy10/08/14
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Why OSX sucks and you should use Ubuntu instead

OK, I confess, I use OSX almost exclusively and have for a number of years now. I love the hardware, but the OS and specifically it's lack of a software package management tool has just a level of suckyness that irritates me.

Prabath Ariyarathna10/07/14
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Jersey REST Web Service API Documentation

In this tutorial, we show you how to develop a simple REST web application with Jersey framework and visualize API's using Cuubez API Visualizer.

Tom Howlett10/07/14
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Could we really be so wrong?

I hear developers talking of Right and Wrong. What would happen if we got better at describing Cost and Value?

Nati Shalom10/07/14
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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 1

Only a few years everyone relied on SQL exclusively to tackle Big Data needs, but as the demand for speed and space increases, so have our options. Now there are a number of data systems that are mostly based around NoSQL, with each of them having been developed to best serve specific areas.

Prabath Siriwardena10/07/14
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WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 Authentication Framework

The WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 takes the identity management into a new direction. No more there will be federation silos or spaghetti identity anti-patterns. The authentication framework we introduced in IS 5.0.0 powers this all.

Ayende Rahien10/07/14
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Optimizing event processing

There is a migration process that deals with event sourcing system. So we have 10,000,000 commits with 5 – 50 events per commit. Each event result in a property update to an entity.

Robert Diana10/07/14
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Geek Reading October 6, 2014

These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. This week's topics include SQL lite, NoSQL benchmarking, new release phases for Google Cloud Platform, refactoring Ruby, JSON serialization protocols, and HP's company split.

Maarten Ectors10/07/14
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Amazon AWS Will Continue to Compete With Its Best Customers

Simon Wardley just explained why Amazon is fast following their best customers and why more companies should do it, even in the physical world. If you don’t want to launch 100 new services and assume failure on 90-95, then let others launch thousands and you commoditize the successful ones.