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Erich Styger04/07/14
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What Meetings feel like for Engineers

And here I share my newest fun story (a video this time): An engineer as an ‘expert’ in a business/requirement meeting. The task is simple: create seven red lines. But the twist is that these lines must be perpendicular…

Steven Willmott04/07/14
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Five Things We Learned at APIStrat Amsterdam

After two great APISTRAT events last year, the first European event in Amsterdam kicked things of this year – and duly delivered another great few days of content and discussions. The tweet stream says in all on how engaged people were: the keynotes and sessions just got better an better.

Christian Posta04/07/14
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JBoss Fuse iPaaS on OpenShift

Well, you probably know my thoughts on cloud, PaaS, iPaaS and the like. In short, there’s a lot of hype around it, unscrupulous vendors, and some awesome magic involved. But there is some truth to it when you live in reality.

Mike Bushong04/07/14
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Timing technological change: creation vs. consumption

What is happening now is that we are at some risk of the luminaries creating an impassable distance between their vision and the on-the-ground reality in many IT shops today.

Eric Minick04/07/14
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Is Continuous Delivery just Continuous Integration done right?

If you want to understand why I think CI and CD done correctly are almost the same thing, follow me down the rabbit hole.

Craig Matsumoto04/07/14
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As Cisco’s SDN Focuses on Policy, Martin Casado Offers an Alternative

This week, Cisco put itself forth as a champion of policy-based networking, but it turns out VMware Chief Networking Architect Martin Casado has been looking in that direction. He started about a year ago. That’s when he got rolling with Congress, an OpenStack initiative that’s drawn the interest of IBM, among others.

Gaurav Mantri04/07/14
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Managing Storage Emulator in Azure SDK Version 2.3

With SDK 2.3, Azure SDK team got rid of “DSInit.exe” application and instead the new application for Storage Emulator is “WAStorageEmulator.exe” which can be found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\Storage Emulator”.

Mitch Pronschinske04/06/14
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The Hybrid Cloud Should Be Whatever You Need It to Be

One of the major conclusions revealed in the data from DZone’s 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report was a distaste for trade-offs. IT professionals don’t want to choose between the benefits of public cloud and the benefits of private cloud.

Sacha Labourey04/05/14
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Continuous Delivery and Platform-as-a-Service: A World of PaaSibilities

Just as continuous integration gives way to continuous delivery, IaaS naturally leads to PaaS. This is echoed by 2014 predictions that value will start to migrate “up the stack” from IaaS to PaaS. Let’s now turn our focus to PaaS and talk about what can and can’t be done with CI and CD on PaaS.

Johanna Rothman04/04/14
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Who Solves Which Problems?

When someone else tells you what a standard for your work has to be? How does that feel to you?

Tom Howlett04/04/14
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A Creative System of Work

Let those people creating the software, create the system of creation too.

Omri Erel04/04/14
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Why You Should Switch to Cloud Based Solutions

The popularity of cloud computing has been increasing rapidly since it was invented and the reason for this is that it has numerous benefits to offer. A majority of medium and small sized businesses are switching to cloud based solutions and owners are smiling all the way to the bank after the switch.

Christian Posta04/03/14
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Integration Platform-as-a-Service, the Cloud, and... Baby Unicorns

For those of us in the real world that have worked on business-critical integration projects, we know the cold reality. They suck. Coding them by hand is going to land us into a world of hurt. So if we’re smart, we leverage existing tried-and-true integration libraries like Apache Camel to do the heavy lifting.

George Dinwiddie04/03/14
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Setting Expectations

What if we were able to set expectations beyond a simple number? What if we could say what we know and what we don’t know? What if we could give our best estimate now, and give a better one next week when we know more? Would that help?

Chris Odell04/03/14
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The Perils Of A Polished Prototype

Protoypes are good. Well I think so. They give you a better idea of how an application should hang together, where the abstractions are, where there are opportunities for refactoring and re-use. But are there downsides? The classic one is that a prototype sometimes becomes the production code.