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Prabath Siriwardena10/03/14
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Consumerization of Identity

In my view, any identity management system to qualify to support BYOID - should simply go beyond standard support for Identity Federation protocols.That era is over. Time to think - time to rethink - how would you mediate, transform identity tokens between different standards or protocols.

Mark Hinkle10/03/14
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CloudStack Simulator on Docker

Docker is a lot of fun, one of its strength is in the portability of applications. This gave me the idea to package the CloudStack management server as a docker image. CloudStack has a simulator that can fake a data center infrastructure.

Andre Schembri10/03/14
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String Encoding with Mule

Sometimes one would want to handle strings which contain characters not included in UTF-8 or the default encoding (set in mule-deploy.properties). In these scenarios a different encoding which is capable of handling these characters (such as UTF-16 or UTF-32) can be used.

Rick Delgado10/02/14
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Keeping Your Small Business From Getting Hacked: 5 Security Tips to Use Today

If you feel like your small business is immune from cyber attacks simply because it isn’t a large corporation, think again. While small businesses may not have the same finances as bigger ones, they still make tempting targets for determined hackers.

Kevin Rutherford10/02/14
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Where do conditionals come from?

I’ve listed out those origins of conditionals that I could think of. Is this a fool’s errand? Possibly, but let’s give it a try anyway.

Mike Bushong10/02/14
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It's the Applications, Stupid! (Part 1 of 3)

While most customers loved the concepts of a scale-out network that leveraged dynamic photonic connections instead of hard-wired paths, most of them also told us that they “didn’t really know (or want to know)” about the applications at all.

Chris Haddad10/02/14
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The Politics of APIs

Politics is all about power. Whether in Washington DC, Brussels, or Beijing, individuals jockey for advantage using the political process. The politics of APIs centers on ‘knowledge being power’ and ‘data content being power’.

Barton George10/02/14
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Azure Architect Talks About Kubernetes and the Future of PaaS

Here is the third of four interviews that I conducted last week at the Cloud Standards Customer Council. The theme of the conference was “preparing for the post-IaaS phase of cloud adoption” and there was quite a bit of talk around the role that PaaS would play in that future.

Troy Hunt10/02/14
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The Anatomy of a Shellshock Attack in the Wild

Nobody quite knows yet what the full impact of Shellshock will be, but it’s interesting to watch attackers trying on stuff like this. It’s worthwhile keeping an eye on your logs, there can be some very interesting stuff in there.

Adam Diaz10/02/14
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The Evolution of MapReduce and Hadoop

Recently I authored a section of the DZone Guide for Big Data 2014. I wrote about MapReduce and the evolution of Hadoop.

Steve Francia10/02/14
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Evangelism is NOT Sales

I recently had a discussion with a CFO of a technology company. Ten minutes into our conversation he said, “so evangelism is pretty much rogue sales”. Internally I cringed. I politely corrected him that the two could not be further apart.

Robert Diana10/02/14
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Geek Reading October 1, 2014

I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. This week's topics include REST services with Spring, horizontally-scaled apps, Akka logging and testing, and a quick start to Ansible.

Mark Hinkle10/01/14
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The Beginner's Guide to Apache CloudStack Series! (Part 1 - Intro to Apache CloudStack)

John Kinsella kicked off the night with an introduction of our speaker, Geoff Higginbottom, and a quick reminder about the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe held in Budapest, Hungary on November 19-21st, 2014. The schedule is now available.

Mike Cottmeyer10/01/14
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Reframing to Reduce Risk

In my experience some risks for delivering these projects on time and on budget might be identified by a project manager early on in the initial inception phase of the project and might be reviewed at the end of each project, but not much attention is paid to the risks during the life of the project.

Alec Noller10/01/14
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Dev of the Week: Itamar Haber

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Itamar Haber, Chief Developers Advocate at Redis Labs.