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Madhuka Udantha05/01/14
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User Account Lock/Unlock in WSO2 IS

Identity Server can be configured to lock a user when a configurable number of login attempts are exceeded or via unlockUserAccount service. This tutorial sets you up to configure these features.

Topher Marie05/01/14
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Why Should You Check Out the DevOps Movement?

We’ve all seen industry trends come and go, but DevOps can’t be considered a fad. It’s an approach that has come about as a result of drastic movement in the industry towards automation and the changing role of the IT admin.

Mike Bushong04/30/14
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Abstracting vs Ignoring

There are APIs, abstraction layers, and architectural shims that all aim to hide complexity from the user. But what does that really mean?

Ross Mason04/30/14
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Enabling Transactions in Node.js Using Domains

Our core product source code is on github. We have hundreds of public projects there as well, and we have contributed to many open source projects including Node.js itself. We’re excited about Node.js and have several large, sophisticated Node.js projects in development.

George Dinwiddie04/30/14
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The Quality Carousel

I just observed yet another conversation on twitter that started with the topic of waste in software development. These discussions seem to spin in circles. They always have, and likely always will. Why? Because they treat quality and value as attributes of what is built, rather than as relationships.

Chris Odell04/30/14
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Agile Decompiled: What Is Agile Development?

Many people think that unless you are carrying out Iterative and Incremental releases, Test Driven Development and Pair Programming you are not working as an agile developer. However do you really need to be doing all these things to be working in an agile culture?

Benjamin Ball04/30/14
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 30)

This week's topics include: NoSQL is at the root of two Bitcoin exchange failures, a Java and C mobile performance comparison, OpenStack SDK for PHP, optimizing VMs, designing better SQL databases, the JBoss cloud guide, how to make a good code review, and the physics of Spider-Man's webs.

Derek Weeks04/30/14
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Are We Doing Enough to Prevent Future “Bleeding Hearts”?

Was this OpenSSL vulnerability an oversight by system administrators installing unknown software? The simple answer is no. OpenSSL is the defacto SSL implementation used on most internet servers around the world. This is not an untested, unverified component that slipped by security audits.

Steven Willmott04/30/14
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Building APIbunny – Using Fortune.js and JSONAPI

When you launch this kind of challenge and ask hackers to hack it, you can expect them to try everything. Really. Everything. To prevent the most obvious tries, I “blocked” some of the routes. Fortune.js embed express so it was easy to prevent people from trying calls on /cells, or /users.

Tetiana Fydorenchyk04/30/14
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Running Cyclos Cluster on Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure

Cyclos is a complete on-line banking system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. With the dynamic structure of Cyclos, you can ‘build’ a dedicated payment system from scratch, by simply changing the configuration.

Keith Mayer04/30/14
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Step-by-Step: Getting Started with On-demand Private Clouds using Windows Azure Pack

In this article, we’ll step through the process of setting up Windows Azure Pack in a lab environment for provisioning and delegating VM private clouds. Along the way, I’ll call out the specific details that I found helpful to successfully build my own lab environment.

Topher Marie04/30/14
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Executing Scripts on a Schedule and in Your Language

Shell scripts are a staple in any IT environment. There are quick little scripts for all kinds of little tasks. But, there are also much more complicated scripts to automate critical business processes. If you need to schedule a task or group of tasks, you end up creating a cron job.

Brian Gracely04/29/14
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The Cloudcast #140 – More DevOps, Less Snowflakes

Brian talks with Michael Ducy (Global Partner Evangelist at Chef, @mfdii) about ChefConf, Chef Development Kit, the evolution from AgileOps to DevOps, Enterprise adoption rates, OpenStack vs. CloudStack vs AWS, and a day in the life of a DevOps team.

Michael Norton04/29/14
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I fartlek in your testing strategy's general direction

I see an interesting parallel in the debate over practices in the running world and practices in the software development world. Indulge me for a moment while I attempt to share my thinking.

Greg Duncan04/29/14
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Here Comes the Sun? The Cloud is Becoming Less Scary for Businesses

Key for this post, "The challenge of cloud security is abating." Interesting thing is that I got the same feeling in talking with my co-attendees at Build. There's a growth in acceptance, usage and interest. Interest was VERY high at the individual level.