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Mike Bushong12/11/13
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The Smartest-Person-in-the-Room Complex

When you work on very talented teams, you will frequently know the answer to whatever the problem is well before the rest of the organization. When these conversations pop up, you should look a little closer to home. It is possible you have Smartest-person-in-the-room Complex.

Frank Kelly12/11/13
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AWS Migration Patterns

AWS customers are saving money mostly because you can rent what you need vs. buy for the peak traffic. They are also gaining not only increased scalability but increased flexibility, reduced response times and reduced development times.

David Pollak12/11/13
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Tech Needs to be More Inclusive

The tech industry needs to be more inclusive of women and people of color. It's about having the largest pool to draw excellence from. Sadly, most of the discussion, even the discussion that is advocating for a more inclusive culture, itself is divisive.

Gil Zilberfeld12/11/13
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Why We Refactor

Because we know what it is like to read and debug a 500-line method. And we don’t want to go through it again. Because we’re sure the other guys’ code can use improvement. Even if they thought otherwise.

Bilgin Ibryam12/11/13
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Building Distributed Workflow Applications on Amazon with Camel

Amazon Web Services offer various tools for building distributed and scalable workflow applications. One approach for building such an application is to use topics and queues for connecting the distinct steps in the workflow process.

Jenny Yang12/11/13
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Can you spot the configuration difference?

One of our Dev (DevOps?) guys came across this inconsistency that broke a server. We got discussing various little slip of the pinky errors that can completely break a server.

Roy Chua12/11/13
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Winner of the "Turkey of SDN" Contest

This is meant to be educational to us all and not meant as a dig at anyone. And I’m certain the submitters of the entries had that intention in mind when they put their nominees in.

Moshe Kaplan12/10/13
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Java Production Systems Profiling Done Right!

If you are facing a Java system performance issue in production, and JProfiler is not the right tool for it, probably JMX monitoring using the VisualVM will do the work for you.

Troy Miles12/10/13
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Why Hackathons?

As a corporate developer I rarely get time to have fun. Hackathons bring the fun back into development.

Lorna Mitchell12/10/13
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Open a GitHub Pull Request with Hub

GitHub publishes a command line tool called hub, which is a more convenient way than the website for doing a few specific tasks and in particular I've been using it more and more for opening pull requests. The basic workflow is to create a branch, add your changes, and then push it to GitHub

Moshe Kaplan12/10/13
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Is There a Good Solution for SQL Server HA & Azure?

I do not see Windows Azure SQL Database as a feasible solution for a firm that expects its business to scale. The only way to migrate from Windows Azure SQL Database is to export its data and import it on a regular instance, and it's not acceptable when you have a significant traffic.

Brian Gracely12/10/13
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The Cloudcast #124: Cloud Operations

Aaron talks with Shmuel Kliger, Founder & President of VMTurbo (@VMTurbo). Topics include cloud operations, common problems and root cause, implications of Open Source Software on the market, and predictions for the future

Roy Chua12/10/13
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Q&A + Video: Brocade, Infinera, & ESnet Use SDN for Multilayer Provisioning and Network Optimization

Hear about multilayer provisioning featuring Brocade, Infinera, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet).

Craig Matsumoto12/09/13
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OpenDaylight Delays "Hydrogen" Launch

Hydrogen, the OpenDaylight code release originally scheduled for Monday, Dec. 9, is going to be postponed by a few weeks. There’s no surprise here—anyone working on multi-team projects generally should expect about 30 to 50 percent of the effort per cycle to be focused on integration testing and code conflict resolution.

Jim Hirschauer12/09/13
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A Real Example of the Database to Storage Performance Relationship

The shared storage concept is great for helping to keep storage infrastructure and management costs relatively low but creates cross silo finger pointing when there are performance issues. In this blog post we will explore a real world example of how to avoid finger pointing and get right down to figuring out how to fix the problem.