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Shan Arshad05/09/14
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Hooking Up HTTPSessionListener with Tomcat

In web.xml file we are telling the server that it should intimate that class at the time of session creation and invalidation. Server will automatically calls methods of this class if session of any user expires or developer himself invalidates any session.

Mike Bushong05/09/14
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Simplifying network simplification

Simplify. We all hear it all the time. We hear how this tool or that technology will simplify. In networking, we hear how controllers, protocols, APIs, and virtualization layers will all simplify. Remove a keystroke here. Maybe automate something there. All in the name of simplification. But it might be that our very approach to simplification needs to be simplified.

Topher Marie05/09/14
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Venture Capitalist David Aronoff on the Future of DevOps

David talks about the future DevOps educational programs validating the importance of the movement. He also speculates on future computing trends in storage and security based on past market patterns giving examples of how we need to reimagine problems as technology improves and internet bandwidth grows.

Gil Zilberfeld05/09/14
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What Is A Unit Test?

The only value you get while writing a test, is when the code is not there yet. That’s right, in TDD. In that case, you get all of the above, plus insight about the design and safe incremental progress. If your test passes the FAIL test, then it is a unit test.

Angela Ashenden05/09/14
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AWS: Cloudy With Outbreaks of Gain at the Summit?

Last week Amazon Web Services brought its Enterprise Summit to London. For an event so keenly focused on persuading enterprise customers to stop worrying and learn to love the cloud, AWS sensibly let its customers do a lot of the talking for them.

Barton George05/09/14
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App Think Tank: Legacy Platforms and Modern Cloud Systems

While it might not make sense to cloud-enable everything, when you’ve got a 20-year old mainframe system like Barry describes you’ll want to look to app modernization and moving to a standard and open architecture.

Andre Schembri05/08/14
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Mule’s New Batch Module and Polling with Watermark

A lot of new features have been introduced in the Mule 3.5 release. In this post I briefly explain how four of these new features can be used. Then I show how to apply these new features to achieve similar functionality to that described in a previous blog post.

Zac Gery05/08/14
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Stumped by a Problem? Try Coding Less

Running into challenging situations or problems is a fact of life in software development. From complex coding constructs to tricky phantom bugs, programmers spend many hours traversing their own minds in search of the right answer. At times the problem seems obvious, while on other occasions, it seems to hide behind a subtle impenetrable veil. Sometimes on these occasions, without provocation, the solution arrives like a rushing tidal wave. Why is this?

Aleksey Novik05/08/14
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Hibernate Debugging - Finding the origin of a Query

It's not always immediate why and in which part of the program is Hibernate generating a given SQL query, especially if we are dealing with code that we did not write ourselves. This post will go over how to configure Hibernate query logging, and use that together with other tricks to find out why and where in the program a given query is being executed.

Eric Minick05/08/14
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Continuous Delivery in Products: Feature Toggles

Many continuous delivery concepts are most applicable for software that is running on your own servers whether as part of a website, internal application or SaaS offering. For teams who write products that are installed by their customers, some continuous delivery concepts are hard to implement.

Jim Bird05/08/14
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Driving DevOps

here is a lot of talk in the devops community about the importance of sharing principles and values, and about silo busting: breaking down the “wall of confusion” between developers and operations to create agile, cross-functional teams.

Cloudify Community05/08/14
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Automation of NFV Components on OpenStack

In my previous post I discussed the need for virtualization of network functions on the cloud. In this post, I’m going to dive into a real world scenario, that CAN actually try at home. Below is how I achieved this on OpenStack using Cloudify.

Zac Gery05/08/14
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Can Scrumban Work?

Scrum and Kanban lead to the evolution of Scrumban. Combine the two approaches and receive a sum that is larger than its parts. When implementing Kanban it stipulates to "respect the current process, roles, responsibilities, and titles." This lends itself to simple integration with existing systems; furthermore, Scrum and Kanban both champion continuous process improvement and self-organizing teams. The big question is, "Can these two ideas coexist?"

Hirvesh Munogee05/08/14
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iio Engine: An Interactive App Framework For HTML5

iio Engine is an application framework which allows you to create HTML5 applications. iio Engine comes with a feature-packed SDK, a debugger and a cross-platform development engine.

Lorna Mitchell05/08/14
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Beanstalk, Pheanstalk and Priorities

I've got an application that uses Beanstalkd to queue up messages, and some PHP worker scripts that grab messages from the queue and process them. Messages get added by the web application, but can also be added by cron.