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Ayende Rahien01/02/14
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Machine Bias in Profiler-Based Optimization

Take a look at the following profilers results. They both showcase pretty much the same codebase, without any major changes in between. However, they have been both run on different machines, and they result in very different performance optimization paths.

Mike Cottmeyer01/02/14
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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions with Agile

We Agile practitioners are probably less thrilled by these New Year’s traditions. We have been desensitized by countless iterations kicking off with commitments and coming to a close with retrospectives. Our cynicism toward a Waterfall approach most likely makes most of us jaded about these end-of-the-year festivities. Or maybe not?

Jeremy Stanton01/02/14
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QA is Dead. Long live QA!

I was recently asked for advice on how to go from two week sprints to one. The conversation was one I've had several times. Client: "We are a scrum shop that has two week sprints. We'd like to release faster. Any suggestions?"

Mitch Pronschinske01/02/14
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Can SDN Kill the CLI?

Since software defined networking is mainly controlled through applications instead of ports, that's where industry-watchers expect network engineers to be doing more of their interaction with the network in the future, not through the command-line interface.

Mark Hinkle01/01/14
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Building CloudStack RPMs with Ansible

I had the chance to listen to Michael DeHaan showing off Ansible at a DevOps DC meetup in November, and one of his code snippets had an unknown-to-me built in variable that cut my playbook length in half (as well as the number of ssh calls as a result.)

Jan Machacek01/01/14
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This year in Scala (2013)

In place of the traditional This week in Scala, I give you This year in Scala. It is my take on what has happened in the Scala and the wider JVM world, and I will even throw in some of my “predictions” for 2014. (We’ll see next year how accurate I was.)

Daniel Bryant01/01/14
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Issues when coding node.js usig IntelliJ IDEA “Unresolved function or method”

I’m currently having a lot of fun experimenting with node.js using IntelliJ IDEA. I installed the node.js plugin, and although this added options to create a new ‘Boilerplate’ or ‘Express’ project, the rest of the node.js integration wasn’t quite so obvious…

John Cook01/01/14
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Know Whether to Delegate

Managing energy is more important than managing time. Energy is what gets things done, and time is only a crude surrogate for energy. Instead of only looking at what you could earn per hour versus what you could hire someone else for per hour, consider the energy it would take you to do something versus the energy it would free to delegate it.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/14
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The IoC Metaphor in SDN

Lori MacVittie sees some software-defined networking models taking an approach similar to IoC and giving control to the applications on the network, but many models of SDN still keep the network in the driver's seat with SDN controllers using an OpenFlow-based model.

Rob Galanakis12/31/13
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TDD via Tic-Tac-Toe

I’ve tried out lots of different subject matter for teaching TDD, but my favorite has been Tic-Tac-Toe (or whatever your regional variation of it is). It has these benefits:

Chase Seibert12/31/13
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Development on a Mac versus Linux

I love the Mac computing experience. Even though I use a Mac as my home laptop, I prefer a Linux machine for work. Here are the key differences between developing on a Mac and on Linux.

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/13
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New SDN Stats You'll Want to Know

Infonetics Research and InformationWeek both released surveys this month about SDN adoption. Seems similar to cloud computing adoption several years ago.

Gareth Rushgrove12/30/13
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Making the Web Secure, One Unit Test at a Time

Writing automated tests for your code is one of those things that, once you have gotten into it, you never want to see code without tests ever again. Why write pages and pages of documentation about how something should work when you can write tests to show exactly how something does work?

Lukas Eder12/30/13
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The Great SQL Implementation Comparison Page

Fortunately, we have SQL standards. Or do we? It’s a well-known secret (or cynical joke) that the SQL standard is yet another SQL dialect among peers.

Ayende Rahien12/30/13
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Reducing the Cost of Writing to Disk

So, we found out that the major cost of random writes in our tests was actually writing to disk. Writing 500K sequential items resulted in about 300 MB being written. Writing 500K random items resulted in over 2.3 GB being written. So the obvious thing to do would be to use compression