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Brian Gracely12/10/13
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The Cloudcast #124: Cloud Operations

Aaron talks with Shmuel Kliger, Founder & President of VMTurbo (@VMTurbo). Topics include cloud operations, common problems and root cause, implications of Open Source Software on the market, and predictions for the future

Roy Chua12/10/13
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Q&A + Video: Brocade, Infinera, & ESnet Use SDN for Multilayer Provisioning and Network Optimization

Hear about multilayer provisioning featuring Brocade, Infinera, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet).

Craig Matsumoto12/09/13
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OpenDaylight Delays "Hydrogen" Launch

Hydrogen, the OpenDaylight code release originally scheduled for Monday, Dec. 9, is going to be postponed by a few weeks. There’s no surprise here—anyone working on multi-team projects generally should expect about 30 to 50 percent of the effort per cycle to be focused on integration testing and code conflict resolution.

Jim Hirschauer12/09/13
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A Real Example of the Database to Storage Performance Relationship

The shared storage concept is great for helping to keep storage infrastructure and management costs relatively low but creates cross silo finger pointing when there are performance issues. In this blog post we will explore a real world example of how to avoid finger pointing and get right down to figuring out how to fix the problem.

Henrik Warne12/09/13
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TDD, Unit Tests and the Passage of Time

Many programmers have a hard time writing good unit-tests for code that involves time. For example, how do you test time-outs, or periodic clean-up jobs? If you structure the code the right way, much of the complexity disappears. Here is an example of a technique that lets you test time-related code with ease.

Oliver Hookins12/07/13
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Command-line firewall management still sucks

I’m in the process of setting up a new VPS for myself. So I have settled on UFW for the time being. Sadly, it seems to completely fail in this OpenVZ environment due to numerous modules that cannot be inserted into the running kernel. IS there anything better?

Ayende Rahien12/06/13
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Immutable Collections Performance

So I wanted to know how long it would take to fully clone a 10-million items dictionary. The answer: 0.6 seconds. Doing the same with immutable dictionary? 16 seconds.

Tetiana Fydorenchyk12/05/13
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Running Tomcat Behind Apache with mod_rewrite and mod_proxy

In this article we will cover the subject of fronting a Tomcat application server with Apache.

Dustin Marx12/05/13
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Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation

Java Server Programming: The Conceptual Foundation is a physically smaller book than most of the other available introductory Java server programming books, but the differences from those books are...

Kevin Rutherford12/05/13
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Reflections on a Day of Mob Programming

Last week one of the teams I coach was given a day to build a proof of concept for a new business idea. I thought that #MobProgramming might be a good fit for the day’s activities, so here’s what happened.

Craig Matsumoto12/05/13
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Big Switch’s Non-Overlay Crusade Kicks Into Gear

Beta kits for Big Switch Networks‘ “P+V” architecture — the combined physical-/virtual-network control plane that’s an alternative to network overlays — were recently released a few weeks ago.

Allen Coin12/04/13
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Dev of the Week: German Viscuso

This week we're talking to Claus Viscuso, open source advocate, OO software developer, and developer evangelist at Kii focusing on MBaaS and Android.

Eli Bendersky12/04/13
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Intel i7 Loop Performance Anomaly

Recently I’ve been doing some benchmarking and came upon a very surprising behavior from a number of different Intel i7 CPUs (it manifests on Sandy Bridge and Haswell desktop-class CPUs as well as Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon CPUs).

Roy Chua12/04/13
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OpenDaylight’s David Meyer — After ‘Breaking Dawn’

The OpenDaylight project just announced a flurry of new tech contributions ranging from network protocols to virtualization to security. It’s pretty amazing to see how much progress has happened in the past few months.

Craig Matsumoto12/02/13
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NFV Won’t Monetize Overnight (but Can Still Have a Short-Term Payoff)

NFV is what makes a software telco, in a sense. The whole principle is that the hardware running these functions should no longer be so important. But it's an evolution, not a tactical 90-day or 180-day project.