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Zac Gery05/15/14
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Advocacy: It's a Team Endeavor

The elements needed to build a successful, mature software development team can keep most managers up at night. Without it, the programming suffers and it can ultimately influence the success of a project/product.

Jonathan Callahan05/15/14
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Population Databrowser

Understanding global population trends is extremely important for anyone trying to understand world events or trying to make projections regarding economics and natural resource usage. The Population databrowser is a pro bono data visualization service that promotes a better understanding of existing and projected population trends throughout the world.

Kevin Rutherford05/15/14
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Estimating user stories: the 5 day challenge

This is a quick note about an idea I’ve been using with a few software teams during the last couple of years. Tl;dr — don’t guess the size of a story; fit the story to the size you want.

John Cook05/15/14
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Robust in one sense, sensitive in another

One way to evaluate machine learning algorithms is by how often they pick the right winner in some sense. For example, dose-finding algorithms are often evaluated on how often they pick the best dose from a set of doses being tested.

Ariya Hidayat05/15/14
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Cloud Storage, Identity, and Web Application Platform

There is a definite convergence of solution duality in services like Dropbox, Box, Apple iCloud, and Google Drive. The first two started from being a content synchronization/storage and then moved towards an identity solution, the other two are known to have existing users lured into the cloud storage story.

Chris Haddad05/15/14
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Why to Use Apache Stratos

Apache Stratos (incubating) is an Open Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework project supported by the Apache community. Apache Stratos (incubating) brings enterprise-ready quality of service, governance, security, and performance to internal private clouds, externally managed clouds, and public clouds.

Steven Willmott05/15/14
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APIs Going Mainstream – The Next API Strategy & Practice Conference In Chicago

After highly successful conferences in Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York, today we announced the next North American API Strategy & Practice Conference. Themed ‘APIs Going Mainstream’ and co-organized by 3scale and API Evangelist, the next APIStrat will take place in Chicago in the fall.

Simon Brown05/15/14
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Naming (Or How Names Can Be Ambiguous)

A really simple way to add an additional layer of information to an architecture diagram (and to remove any ambiguity) is to annotate boxes with a very short statement of what their responsibilities are. A bulleted list (7 ± 2 items) or a short sentence work well.

Craig Matsumoto05/15/14
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StackStorm Takes a Modernized Shot at DevOps

If DevOps is a verb and DevOps is a change in culture, does it make sense for anybody to call themselves a DevOps startup? Sort of. Especially if they’ve done it before.

Erich Styger05/15/14
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Enhanced RNet Wireless Components and Communication Stack

I’m using both the Freescale MC1320x and Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz in many projects. To make it even easier to use these transceivers in the RNet stack, I have updated it with several new functions.

Abhishek Gupta05/14/14
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Exposing Oracle IDM info using REST API

With a RESTful interface for OIM, one can potentially end up with a fairly robust service layer which can benefit from the some of the advantages which REST has to offer.

Mike Cottmeyer05/14/14
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Milk, Martinis, & Mojitos: An Agile Ceremonies Recipe for Confusion

All agile ceremonies should have very clear objectives and outcomes. When we work with new agile teams we make sure they understand the ceremonies of scrum and other agile meetings necessary to deliver value.

Ian Skerrett05/14/14
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Can Open IoT Solve the Main IoT Challenges

Chris Murphy has published a fascinating article about some of the challenges organizations face when trying to implement IoT solutions. I thought it might be interesting to look at each of the challenges presented in the article to see how the Open IoT community might help solve the problems.

Adam Warski05/14/14
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Functional Discrete Optimization @ Coursera with Scala

Recently I took part in the Discrete Optimization class at Coursera. I must say that it was the best MOOC I have attended so far, because of two factors: (1) there was a lot of coding and (2) the tasks were pretty hard, so the class was challenging.

Kai Wähner05/14/14
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Hadoop, Big Data and Data Warehouse: Friends, Enemies or Profiteers?

I discuss a good big data architecture which includes Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence + Apache Hadoop + Real Time / Stream Processing. Several real world example are shown.