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Brian Lewis05/02/14
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Early Experts Study Group Track Specifically For VMware IT Pros

With nearly two-thirds of businesses on more than one virtualization platform, adding Microsoft virtualization and cloud skills to your technical repertoire can improve your career options and prepare you to face new IT demands.

Phil Whelan05/01/14
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Cloud Foundry: Node.js Service Brokers Open-Sourced

We also enjoy using Node.js and taking advantage of the vigorous growth in the community supporting it. With 160+ new modules being added to NPM every day, there is a lot of good code available that's useful for writing REST servers.

Mike Bushong05/01/14
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On Uber and IT Infrastructure

Ultimately, what Uber is doing is actually quite impressive. But there is subtlety in the strategy and the innovation. The whole of IT might be able to learn a bit from Uber’s creativity.

Eric D. Schabell05/01/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Lab 4 - Creating a Domain Specific Language)

We are back with this weeks episode in the JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) & Business Process Management (BPM) Suite online workshop series. In this workshop we will be introducing you to the possibilities that abound for your business...

Rob Allen05/01/14
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Injecting Dependencies Into Your ZF2 Controllers

ZF2 controllers tend to extend AbstractActionController which does not define a constructor. This means that you can define your own constructor in your controllers and use it to inject the dependencies that your controller needs.

Ofir Nachmani05/01/14
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Is AWS Helping Google Into the Game or Stopping the Cloud Race to Zero?

One day after Google announced a substantial price reduction for their cloud services, Amazon announced their own dramatic price reduction on several AWS offerings. This move will reduce the revenues of one of Amazon’s most profitable services, the S3, by about 50%.

Matt Farina05/01/14
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Modern PHP, Popularity, and Facebook

I'm not suggesting everyone jump on PHP. Or that Facebook doesn't deserve some credit. Or even that there isn't a lot of poorly written PHP. I'm simply suggesting the PHP isn't a hack that's is or should die off

Paul Hammant05/01/14
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Small Stories With Angular (case study)

I’d like to see stories push down to hours (incl QA), and I think there’s adequate precedence in the industry for that. AngularJS is a step towards that reality, IMO.

Madhuka Udantha05/01/14
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User Account Lock/Unlock in WSO2 IS

Identity Server can be configured to lock a user when a configurable number of login attempts are exceeded or via unlockUserAccount service. This tutorial sets you up to configure these features.

Topher Marie05/01/14
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Why Should You Check Out the DevOps Movement?

We’ve all seen industry trends come and go, but DevOps can’t be considered a fad. It’s an approach that has come about as a result of drastic movement in the industry towards automation and the changing role of the IT admin.

Mike Bushong04/30/14
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Abstracting vs Ignoring

There are APIs, abstraction layers, and architectural shims that all aim to hide complexity from the user. But what does that really mean?

Ross Mason04/30/14
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Enabling Transactions in Node.js Using Domains

Our core product source code is on github. We have hundreds of public projects there as well, and we have contributed to many open source projects including Node.js itself. We’re excited about Node.js and have several large, sophisticated Node.js projects in development.

George Dinwiddie04/30/14
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The Quality Carousel

I just observed yet another conversation on twitter that started with the topic of waste in software development. These discussions seem to spin in circles. They always have, and likely always will. Why? Because they treat quality and value as attributes of what is built, rather than as relationships.

Chris Odell04/30/14
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Agile Decompiled: What Is Agile Development?

Many people think that unless you are carrying out Iterative and Incremental releases, Test Driven Development and Pair Programming you are not working as an agile developer. However do you really need to be doing all these things to be working in an agile culture?

Benjamin Ball04/30/14
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 30)

This week's topics include: NoSQL is at the root of two Bitcoin exchange failures, a Java and C mobile performance comparison, OpenStack SDK for PHP, optimizing VMs, designing better SQL databases, the JBoss cloud guide, how to make a good code review, and the physics of Spider-Man's webs.