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Dustin Whittle11/10/13
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PHP Performance Crash Course, Part 2: The Deep Dive

In my first post on this series I covered some basic tips for optimizing performance in php applications. In this post we are going to dive a bit deeper into the principles and practical tips in scaling PHP.

Craig Matsumoto11/08/13
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Cisco Launches Insieme – Insides Use (Gasp!) an Overlay Protocol

VMware employees should get a good chuckle out of Cisco‘s Insieme launch on Wednesday, because for all its trash talking about overlays, Insieme is using the VXLAN protocol to run its data-center fabric.

Kin Lane11/08/13
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Private Web Application Running on Github

I wanted to launch a small web application in stealth mode. I also wanted it to run completely on GitHub, using GitHub Pages. Here's how.

Craig Matsumoto11/07/13
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Cisco’s Insieme, Revealed at Last: All Your Policy Are Belong to Us

After tantalizing the industry for more than 18 months, Cisco is revealing the software-defined networking (SDN) products and plan that Insieme has been working on. As expected, the spin-in is producing a new switch family, the Nexus 9000.

Chris Chang11/07/13
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Deep Dive into Connection Pooling

As your application grows in functionality and/or usage, managing resources becomes increasingly important. Failure to properly utilize connection pooling is one major “gotcha” that we’ve seen greatly impact MongoDB performance and trip up developers of all levels.

Mike Bushong11/06/13
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More on Open: Standards

iscussions around Open frequently gravitate towards technology standards and the bodies that support them (IETF, ONF, and so one). In this context, the thinking is that technologies that are standardized will exhibit fewer (if any) vendor-specific elements.

Trevor Parsons11/06/13
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How to Dynamically Pick Up Logs When Scaling Your Amazon Web Services EC2 Environment

I recently wrote about how to easily get all your logs from Amazon Web Services’ EC2. The point with that article was to show how easy it is to instrument your EC2 application for logging and forwarding to Logentries.

Brian Gracely11/06/13
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The Cloudcast #115: Real World OpenStack

Aaron and Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) speak to Ken Pepple (@ken_pepple), CTO/Founder of Solinea about his experience as an OpenStack systems integrator.

Mitch Pronschinske11/04/13
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FAQ about OpenFlow and SDN from the ONF

The Open Networking Foundation had its first ever interoperability test event last year on March 5th -9th testing OpenFlow v1.0 at a lab in Santa Clara, CA. This video answers some frequently asked questions regarding OpenFlow and SDN soon after that test.

Vlad Mihalcea11/04/13
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Batch Processing Best Practices

Writing batch processing tasks is not always trivial, so following some basic principles might save you from trouble.

Mitch Pronschinske11/03/13
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Amazon Reportedly Found a Better Deal w/ SDN Than Cisco Could Offer

Tech media keeps predicting that Cisco is going to be hit the hardest by the arrival of software-defined networking. According to a Business Insider article , that has already happened in a $1B deal with Amazon, which was dropped to only $11M.

Matthew Ammerman11/03/13
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PaaS’ Impact on the Trusted Computing Base

The Trusted Computing Base: how do different infrastructure approaches address this conversationally overlooked, core tenet to IT operations? For the purpose of example, this blog looks at three different approaches to private cloud environments seen in use by organizations today.

Jeremiah Orr11/01/13
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Using Node.js Streams to Massage Data into the Format You Want

Google provides some pretty cool flu data in CSV format, and I wanted to display that in a chart at Dash. However, the raw data isn't quite right for my needs. Fortunately, Dash can read data from any publicly accessible endpoint, so I decided to throw together a quick Node.js app to massage the data into what I needed.

Carlos Sanchez11/01/13
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Infrastructure Testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days

This week I’m in Postdam/Berlin giving a talk Infrastructure testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days. Showing examples of using Puppet, Vagrant and other tools to implement a source code to production continuous delivery cycle.

Sean Hull11/01/13
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Why Startups Need TechOps

In a lot of small startups, the initial phase is obviously on building a product. That’s the build phase, and not surprisingly you hire a lot of developers. As you should. But as you grow you may find the operational tasks that are defaulting to one or more developers are taking more and more of their time.