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Vlad Mihalcea11/04/13
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Batch Processing Best Practices

Writing batch processing tasks is not always trivial, so following some basic principles might save you from trouble.

Mitch Pronschinske11/03/13
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Amazon Reportedly Found a Better Deal w/ SDN Than Cisco Could Offer

Tech media keeps predicting that Cisco is going to be hit the hardest by the arrival of software-defined networking. According to a Business Insider article , that has already happened in a $1B deal with Amazon, which was dropped to only $11M.

Matthew Ammerman11/03/13
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PaaS’ Impact on the Trusted Computing Base

The Trusted Computing Base: how do different infrastructure approaches address this conversationally overlooked, core tenet to IT operations? For the purpose of example, this blog looks at three different approaches to private cloud environments seen in use by organizations today.

Jeremiah Orr11/01/13
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Using Node.js Streams to Massage Data into the Format You Want

Google provides some pretty cool flu data in CSV format, and I wanted to display that in a chart at Dash. However, the raw data isn't quite right for my needs. Fortunately, Dash can read data from any publicly accessible endpoint, so I decided to throw together a quick Node.js app to massage the data into what I needed.

Carlos Sanchez11/01/13
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Infrastructure Testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days

This week I’m in Postdam/Berlin giving a talk Infrastructure testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days. Showing examples of using Puppet, Vagrant and other tools to implement a source code to production continuous delivery cycle.

Sean Hull11/01/13
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Why Startups Need TechOps

In a lot of small startups, the initial phase is obviously on building a product. That’s the build phase, and not surprisingly you hire a lot of developers. As you should. But as you grow you may find the operational tasks that are defaulting to one or more developers are taking more and more of their time.

Anders Abel11/01/13
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Changing SVN Servers

I recently helped a team to switch SVN servers and found a few gotchas along the way. This is a short guide on what worked for me and some stuff I tried that didn’t.

Gil Fink11/01/13
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DevFest Building Scalable JavaScript Apps Slide Deck and Demos

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a session at the GDG DevFest Conference. In the session I talked about the challenges of building scalable JavaScript apps and the patterns that can help simplify the challenge.

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/13
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The Path to NFV and SDN is Still Very Uncertain

Despite early marketing efforts to tout NFV and SDN solutions, Graham Finnie is sobering things down in his recent article.

James Carr10/31/13
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Securing Docker’s Remote API

The Remote API that can be used to programatically interact with docker. I recently had a situation where I wanted to run many containers on a host with a single container managing the other containers through the API.

Jim Bird10/31/13
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Adding Appsec to Agile: Security Stories, Evil User Stories and Abuse(r) Stories

Because Agile development teams work from a backlog of stories, one way to inject application security into software development is by writing up application security risks and activities as stories, making them explicit and adding them to the backlog so that application security work can be managed, estimated, prioritized and done like everything else that the team has to do.

Mitch Pronschinske10/30/13
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SDN Fireside Chats

Arista Networks has a few interesting interviews about SDN up on SDNCentral. Some of the videos include "SDN Networking: Economics of SDN," and "Developing Your SDN Strategy: What To Do with SDN in 2013."

Hasin Hayder10/30/13
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Running Symfony 2 Applications in OpenShift

Openshift is a fantastic Polyglot PaaS from Redhat, and you can do a lot of things with these containers. The good news is that with free accounts, OpenShift gives three gears for free, forever. Today, in this article I will show you how to install and run your Symfony applications in OpenShift.

Jim Hirschauer10/30/13
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Technical deep dive on what’s impacting Healthcare.gov

There has been a wealth of speculation about what might be wrong with the healthcare.gov website from some of the best and brightest technology has to offer. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what is wrong yet there are still very few facts available to the public.

Alec Noller10/30/13
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AskDZ: What's Your Side Project?

If you've been working on a personal/side project that you're excited about, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment and tell us about your side project: What is it, and how long have you been working on it, and why is it so exciting?