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Faheem Sohail02/13/14
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Managing Configurations with Apache Commons Configuration

When building long running applications you are likely to run into a number of requirements related to configurations. Instead of writing your own code it is a much better idea to use Apache Commons Configuration which provides this capability.

Phil Whelan02/13/14
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This is PaaS. Confused?

There is a lot of confusion about "PaaS" and what it means. The definitions are vast, vague and varying. The market and the media are understandably confused. This article lays out what exactly it means to be PaaS, and the various features of a PaaS.

Pascal Alma02/12/14
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Unit testing with Mule ESB 3.4 Enterprise Edition

There is a big chance that when you are using the Mule ESB EE as your ESB implementation and you are creating functional/unit tests you sooner or later will need a license on your test classpath to be able to run Mule in your unit tests. Luckily this isn’t very hard to accomplish.

Mike Cottmeyer02/12/14
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Should You Use Agile To Build Your Next Home?

Before we start our conversation about governance in the structure-governance-metrics framework we’re building out, I want to take a minute and see if I can finally tell you guys about the house my wife and I were planning to build this past summer.

Rado Buranský02/12/14
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The best code coverage for Scala

The best code coverage metric for Scala is statement coverage. Simple as that. It suits the typical programming style in Scala best. Scala is a chameleon and it can look like anything you wish, but very often more statements are written on a single line and conditional “if” statements are used rarely. In other words, line coverage and branch coverage metrics are not helpful.

James Strachan02/12/14
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Fabric8, JBoss Fuse, and Apache Karaf Versions

We're very excited about fabric8 being completely poly-container; so we can use fabric8 to provision and manage Karaf, Tomcat, Wildfly & vertx containers; stand alone JVMs along with working great with docker, OpenShift and jclouds - all with a lovely hawtio console for everything!

Claus Ibsen02/12/14
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To ServiceMix or Not to ServiceMix

Many developers wonder if they should continue using Apache ServiceMix tools or if they should be turning to another solution. What has happened on the ServiceMix project was that the ServiceMix kernel was pulled out of ServiceMix into its own project - Apache Karaf.

Cloudify Community02/12/14
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Openstack in a Box - Setting Up Devstack Havana On Your Local Network

The Openstack project is hugely popular, and it is also pretty damn complicated to set up. Fortunately, the good folks as Openstack have set up an ‘all-in-one’ configuration allowing you to install all of the Openstack components on one machine using a fairly straightforward script.

Trevor Parsons02/12/14
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What’s So Great About AWS S3 Archiving?

As roll your own logging solutions go, archiving to S3 is by far the most popular. This is, in fact, usually the first step an organization takes to implement a log management solution. Why do they do this you ask? Some good reasons to follow.

Pushpalanka Jay...02/12/14
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How to send an HTML email in Java (Using Google SMTP Server)

In most of the business services sometimes there comes requirements to send notifications to users or administrators via email. Following code segments can be used to send these emails using Google SMTP server.

Craig Matsumoto02/12/14
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Citrix’s CloudBridge Goes Back to the Branch

Citrix has been a company helping applications move into the cloud, but some applications need to keep a footprint in the branch office. On Tuesday, Citrix announced a concept it calls Cloud Services Extended (CSX), a Windows-based approach for applications to straddle the branch and the cloud.

Anil Saldhana02/12/14
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SPNego Authentication with JBoss

SPNego is RFC 4178 used for negotiation either NTLM or Kerberos based SSO. A typical use case is for web applications to reuse the authentication used by Desktops such as Windows or Linux. In this article, we will explore approaches for SPNego authentication with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Tom Howlett02/11/14
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A Return To Scrum

I thought we’d grown out of Scrum, I admit to describing it as agile training wheels, but I’ve found a new love for it and its constraints. I’m glad I got a taste of what happens when you remove them, and perhaps there are organisations that will flourish when you do. But I wonder if there really is?

Patroklos Papapetrou02/11/14
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My advice to (junior) developers about their career

The last couple of months I have met several young developers that either looking for the first job or are still trying to get their bachelor degree. Many of them asked me to give them my advice on how they can make their first steps in the software development career. In this post I summarize my advice to all these “young” and ambitious developers. Don’t be fooled by the word young.

Zac Gery02/11/14
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How Developers Gain Perspective: The Forgotten Approach

In business there are many ways to gain a better perspective about a project Customer visits are a fantastic way to expose developers to actual and/or potential clients. Initiating a visit shows customers a personal level of attention that they rarely get from most companies they interact with.