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George London03/02/13
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Broken Tools - Liveblogging LinerNotes.com

Last live-blog, I made a plan to launch. Just the day before, I talked about how oftenplanning goes astray. And unsurprisingly, it’s only taken two days for my plan to get off track.

Rajesh Pitty03/02/13
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A Giter8 Template for Liftweb

giter8 template for liftweb apps with twitter-boostrap

Dave Fecak03/01/13
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The Stigma of Tech Certifications (and their real value)

What (if any) value do certifications have for your marketability, and could having a certification potentially result in the opposite of the intended effect and actually hurt your chances of being hired?

Paul Reed03/01/13
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The Ship Show: Demystifying DevOps - A Chat with Damon Edwards

We sit down for a chat with the host of The DevOps Cafe, Damon Edwards, to talk through the finer points of DevOps. We ask some pointed questions in an attempt to get a good, concrete definition of “DevOps,” but without the hype that often comes prepackaged with the discussion.

Edmund Kirwan03/01/13
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Is Your Code Structured Like This?

We should learn from the classics. Let's see what we can learn from JUnit's structure.

Moshe Kaplan03/01/13
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Instant Deployment with Git

One of the nicest things in git is that you can actually deploy code to production (or just your test environment) w/o implementing a complicated CI solution.

David Green02/28/13
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Short Commit Cycles

How often do you commit? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour? Every few minutes? The more often you commit, the less likely you are to make a mistake.

Mitch Pronschinske02/27/13
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JNBridge Adds Mono Support, Allowing Linux Deployment on the .NET Side of Java/.NET Interop Solution

Java/.NET interoperability tool provider, JNBridge just released the next major version of their software. The main new feature is Mono support (the open source clone of the .NET framework). The big advantage of this is the ability to migrate anything .NET (like an ASP.NET application) to run on a Linux machine.

Lukas Eder02/27/13
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The Golden Rules of Code Documentation

Here’s another topic that is highly subjective, that leads to heated discussions, to religious wars and yet, there’s no objective right or wrong.

Ted Neward02/27/13
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"We Accept Pull Requests"

There are times when the industry in which I find myself does things that I just don't understand. Consider, for a moment, this blog by Jeff Handley, in which he essentially says that the phrase "We accept pull requests" is "cringe-inducing."

Esen Sagynov02/27/13
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Understanding TCP/IP Network Stack & Writing Network Apps

We cannot imagine Internet service without TCP/IP. All Internet services we have developed and used at NHN are based on a solid basis, TCP/IP.

Johannes Brodwall02/27/13
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Agile Release Pattern: Merging Configuration

If you want to release your code frequently, you have to automate the release process. If your software interacts with shared components or other applications, the release script may have to update shared configuration files.

Eric Minick02/27/13
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Q&A From Building a DevOps Team That Isn't Evil

We had more questions in our live (and now available on-demand) webinar ”Building a DevOps Team that Isn’t Evil” than I could get to. What follows are answers to the questions we received.

Eric Minick02/26/13
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The Many Layers of DevOps

For many people, DevOps and infrastructure as code are synonymous. However, I am usually quick to point out the other moving parts that need to be managed.

Alex Soto02/26/13
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Code Quality Stage Using Jenkins

In Continuous Delivery each build is potentially shippable. This fact implies among a lot of other things, to assign a none snapshot version to your components as fast as possible so you can refer them through all the process.