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Finding Out the Salary Averages for Application Release Professionals

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I found an interesting survey by Nolio that is aimed at "Application Release Professionals".  The survey is ending in one week and Nolio claims that by participating, these types of professionals will find out whether or not they're being underpaid. 

Of course, the survey is part of some sort of commercial objective for Nolio but maybe the results that you get after Oct. 31 will be worth it.  These are a few of the things they say you'll learn after contributing to the survey research:

It’s hard to ask for a pay rise if you don’t know the market standard. It’s also difficult to know if you could be earning more in another company – or even another state. Knowing salary standards will give you the confidence to get the right level of money for your skills and experience.

Click here if you want to take a peek and see if the survey is worth it.  So far there's been no negative comments on the blog posting.  Hope it's not spam to you.


If you do take the survey and get the results back, please let us know about it by posting an article!  


Ido Cohen replied on Sun, 2011/10/30 - 8:49am

An hilarious video from Nolio Blog - So true.

Ido Cohen replied on Mon, 2012/02/20 - 6:50am

Hey Mitch,

 here are the survey results - 


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