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Oracle Taunts IBM with $10M Challenge

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In the keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld this week, CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison fired back against rumors (that he believes were spread by IBM) about the future and performance of Solaris and Sun:

 "We are going to challenge any enterprise company to take one of its existing database applications, that it has not run, and if we cannot run that database application at least twice as fast on Sun gear we'll give it $10 millon. Oh, and IBM, you're welcome to enter."

It was only one of many shots fired at the computer-giant, IBM.  Ellison assured the OpenWorld audience that Oracle would continue its business in software and hardware:

"If IBM wants to compete we will compete. We are not selling the hardware business, no part of the software business are we selling."

The CEO's barrage was fueled by allegations that IBM was encouraging Oracle hardware customers to come over to them because Oracle was supposedly getting out of the hardware business.  Oracle, however, has not been totally honest in its advertising either as they were fined for misleading statements about Sun and Oracle servers. 

                         Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle

Ellison now stands behind a new benchmark report that shows Sun-Oracle servers running 26% faster than IBM, using less hardware, less energy, and having a record 7.7 million tpmC.  This report is what prompted the 10 million-dollar guarantee.  At least for Larry Ellison, there are no doubts about the strength that the Sun acquisition has brought to Oracle:

"We are looking forward to competing with IBM in the systems business, and we think the combination of Sun and Oracle is well equipped to compete successfully against the giant.  We hope this [removes] some of the uncertainty. We're in it to win it."
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Mohamed El-beltagy replied on Wed, 2009/10/14 - 5:10am

And let the fireworks begin... :-) It's so interesting and exciting to hear that Oracle are keeping both hardware and software business that originally belongs to Sun. But I wonder, is this just a reaction to the rumors? What would had happen if no rumors existed? Would Oracle give such an clear announcement that they are keeping both software and hardware to the world? We've been wondering for so long about the result of this acquisition and Oracle's intentions toward Sun's hardware/software with no response. BTW, even after the announcement of such statement, what would prevent Oracle from selling Hardware or Software? What would prevent them from giving them up? What would prevent them from stopping to support them? For Oracle's own benefits, they're keeping the hardware. Still my question remains, what about software (on the long term plan)?

Lana Rina replied on Thu, 2013/07/25 - 6:02am

If Oracle found a way to make their servers more stable, run more efficient and use little power then they can prove to everyone that their servers are better than IBM`s servers. Still I would use Industrial UPS Systems to make sure nothing bad happens, there were a lot of cases when a short circuit caused loss of data.

Samya Gmal replied on Mon, 2013/12/30 - 2:56pm

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Dina Cociug replied on Wed, 2014/02/19 - 8:33am in response to: Samya Gmal

The misleading facts about Sun and Oracle servers had a great impact on Oracle`s hardware customer, they lost their credibility and now they are trying to get it back. By creating an original site they can improve credibility and make their brand stronger. The competition between Oracle and IBM will surely create a lot of new opportunities for the developers, I know that  Sun-Oracle servers are using less energy and hardware but I am sure that IBM specialists are working on a solution for their servers.

John Lee replied on Wed, 2014/07/02 - 8:53am

 Wow! That's incredible. I dont regret now buying my server ( http://www.spectra.com/ibm/ibm-product/16/252/Used-IBM-Power-730-8231-E2C7.htm  ) which is possibly compatible to any IBM updates that may come.

Ahmed Hashem replied on Sat, 2014/07/19 - 6:18am

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