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What Is This DevOps Thing, Anyway?

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Last year, DevOps was just beginning to coalesce into the movement it has become today.  It's growing stronger by the day and Peter Debois obtained an excellent overview of the movement in a guest post submitted to his blog by Stephen Nelson-Smith. 

"In the last few months, a movement has begun to take shape. It's a movement of people who think it's time for change in the IT industry - time to stop wasting money, time to start delivering great software, and building systems that scale and last. This movement is being called Devops. But what is Devops? Where did it come from? And what can it achieve?"

Guest post by : Stephen Nelson-Smith @lordcope a Technical Manager and Devop based in Hampshire, UK and author of Agile Sysadmin

Here's a select exerpt from Stephen Nelson-Smith's post.  Go to the link in the reference box for the full post:

... the Devops movement is characterized by people with a multidisciplinary skill set - people who are comfortable with infrastructure and configuration, but also happy to roll up their sleeves, write tests, debug, and ship features. These are people who making connections, because they can - because they have feet in multiple camps, they can be ambassadors, peace makers, facilitators and communicators. And the point of the movement is to identify these, currently rare, people and encourage them, compare ideas, and start to identify, train, recruit and popularize this way of doing IT.  --Stephen Nelson-Smith
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Zqudlyba Navis replied on Sat, 2011/04/16 - 4:41am


They have just been made redundant by CloudFoundry.

Raw ThinkTank replied on Sun, 2011/04/17 - 9:26pm in response to: Zqudlyba Navis

The cloud you are talking about is dead meat since we have not forgoten what real cloud is made of. You stole the term 'cloud' but you cant kill it, never.


Real clouds are made of decentralized headless machines on internet, bittorrent is the only sucessful example right now, but with open source we will get there.

Jon Archer replied on Mon, 2011/04/18 - 11:13am

I like the sentiments expressed in the "What is This DevOps Thing Anyway?" blog post. It seems to me though that if you're already *really doing* (as opposed to saying you're doing) something like Scrum with a multi-disciplinary team (devs, testers, UX, DBA etc.) then what is being talked about is just adding a talented sysadmin to that team. I've been party to that in the past and it is great for breaking down dev/IT/ops silos...but does it need a new name?

Alessandro Santini replied on Mon, 2011/05/16 - 10:29am

Yawn. How boring. Another nice marketing name to publish some useless books and start conferencing for 1k$ per seat.

David Benson replied on Wed, 2011/11/02 - 9:40am

+1 Alessandro. It's what any decent software engineer does already, especially in small dev houses. Very little new in software engineering process since the 70s and Fred Brookes. Problem is, no money to make saying that.

Shoaib Almas replied on Sat, 2012/08/25 - 5:53am

I've been coding for over 20 years, working in every role from security, to developer, DBA, admin, documentation writer and trainer. I've spent many hours deleting over engineered code and replaced thousands of lines of code with a few lines of shell script, and replaced shell script with code as well.

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