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Don't Be a Robot, Be Iron Man

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Luke Kanies, the founder of Puppet and Puppet Labs brings up a good point in his most recent video presentation.  IT folks need to adapt or risk being replaced by a bash script.  Here's the video abstract:

"There is a lot of discussion about DevOps being about operations and development becoming one, or operations becoming developers. This talk will instead argue that while the world of development is a source of inspiration, DevOps is about improving operations and sysadmins. DevOps isn't about sysadmins becoming developers or going away entirely—it's about the best way for sysadmins to get better at their jobs and provide value in their roles. This talk will draw parallels to the world of agile development, which focuses on results and the people involved. We will cover reduction in process, the importance of new tool adoption, and collaboration between disparate groups, all of which are critical to DevOps making a difference."

Iron Man

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