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Massively Easy Win7 Box Setup From Scratch

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Patrick Dubois, the Godfather of DevOps (and a DZone MVB), has created a few open source tools and one of them, VeeWee, is a tool for building boxes for a few of his favorite tools like Vagrant, KVM, and Virtual Box.  In this video you will witness the magic of VeeWee as Dubois sets up a Windows 7 box with VeeWee from scratch.

From the GitHub page:

VeeWee: the tool to easily build vagrant base boxes or kvm,virtualbox and fusion images

Vagrant is a great tool to test new things or changes in a virtual machine(Virtualbox) using either chef or puppet. The first step is to download an existing 'base box'. I believe this scares a lot of people as they don't know who or how this box was build. Therefore lots of people end up first building their own base box to use with vagrant.

Besides building Vagrant boxes, veewee can also be used for:

  • create vmware (fusion), kvm virtual machines
  • interact with with those vms (up, destroy, halt, ssh)
  • export them : OVA for fusion, IMG for KVM and ovf for virtualbox

VeeWee on GitHub


Stig Kleppe-Jør... replied on Fri, 2012/03/09 - 8:57am

Just remember that this does not work with the version available through gem install (v0.2.3). You must install from source @ GitHub.

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