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How Operations Can Support Continuous Deployment

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Learn about how you can harness monitoring, escalation, and capacity planning to implement continuous deployment in your organization.

Continuous deployment has significant advantages for getting code changes into production with short turnaround times. We will go over the requirements of an operations group to support a continuous deployment environment. The impact of monitoring, escalations, capacity planning, and tools on the culture and workflow of operations teams will be discussed as we enter "The Continuous Deployment Zone."


Ash Mughal replied on Wed, 2012/01/25 - 7:12pm

Deployment is also equal importance and should be considered with the development. It is really nice to see this step in deployment world.

There are lot of issues which we face in the deployment and should have a forum to discuss all details.

new java

Jaffa Wify replied on Sat, 2012/05/19 - 3:59am

The deployment of a mechanical device, electrical system, computer program, etc., is its assembly or transformation from a packaged form to an operational working state. Thanks. Regards, tabletop displays

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