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Alex Soto discovered Java during second year of his studies in computer science and wrote his Master's Thesis on Emergent Intelligence applied to Data Mining, winning the second prize of Hermano Salvador González contest. During his 11 years of software development, Alex has worked in several companies as technical consultant, and currently is working as technical analyst at a major international pharmaceutical company developing in-vitro medical software meeting FDA standards, where performance and safety is "a must". Alex also works as tutor at Open University of Catalonia (UOC), teaching Compilers course. He spends his free time to write in his blog ( where some posts are published in sites like dzone, theserverside and springsource. Alex has spoken at Devoxx 2011 and Linuxtag 2012. Currently is developing NoSQLUnit, a JUnit extension for testing NoSQL systems. Alex is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 32 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

The Reality of a Developer's Life - in GIFs, Of Course

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I'm going to try to illustrate the reality of a developer's life. This post is a translation of another post written in Spanish.

When you upload something to the production environment:

When you solve a problem without Googling:

When you close your IDE without saving the code:
When you try to fix a bug at 3AM:
When your regular expression returns what you expect:
When my boss told me that the module I've been working on will never be used:
When I show my boss that I've fixed a bug:
When I upload a code without tests and it works as expected:
When marketing folks show developers what they've sold:
The first time you apply a CSS to a web page:
When the sysadmin gives you root access:
When you run your script the first time after several hours working on it:
When you go on weekend and everyone else is at the office trying to fix all the issues:
When your boss finds someone to fix a critical bug:
When you receive extra pay if your project ends before deadline:
When something that worked on Friday doesn't work on Monday:
When you develop without specifications:
When your boss tells you that "tests are for those who don't know how to code":
When you update a database script and note that you have deleted the whole database:
Have you ever had one of these experiences? I hope so :D If not, you may not be a developer ;)
PD: Original Source In Spanish

Published at DZone with permission of Alex Soto, author and DZone MVB. (source)

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Dapeng Liu replied on Fri, 2013/02/15 - 11:44pm


Lamouchi Nebrass replied on Wed, 2013/02/20 - 9:19am

 loooll very nice !!

Kamy Ponce replied on Wed, 2013/02/20 - 6:01pm

 kkkkkkkkkkkk, Amazing GIFs!!!

Shashikant Mourya replied on Wed, 2013/02/20 - 11:59pm

 Awesome Collection.... ROFL !!! :D :D

Naveen Ravindran replied on Fri, 2013/02/22 - 12:37am

Excellent :) :)

Jeremie Tarot replied on Fri, 2013/02/22 - 3:43am

 Hilarious, thanks :-D

Ender Orak replied on Sat, 2013/02/23 - 5:54pm

Some of them are taken from :

Ratnesh Singh replied on Mon, 2013/03/04 - 6:17am


Eduardo Bregaida replied on Mon, 2013/03/04 - 7:27am

 Very good, it´s true.

Sathiya Seelan replied on Tue, 2013/03/05 - 1:38am

 Wow :D :D :D :D (rofl)

Lokesh Gupta replied on Wed, 2013/03/20 - 12:06am

 Lovely list... I loved all the situations ...

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